Singer Rain Reveals the Meaning Behind His Daughter’s Necklace

Singer Rain Reveals the Meaning Behind His Daughter’s Necklace

In a recent episode of tvN’s ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe,’ three talented male singers and dancers, Rain, Taemin, and Zico, made a special appearance as a congratulatory delegation for the final performance. Following their mesmerizing performances, an interview took place where Lee Hyo-ri, one of the hosts, jokingly commented on Rain’s fashion choice.

Due to the scorching weather, Hyo-ri advised Rain not to wear the upper part of his outfit. However, Rain explained that the top piece was connected to a magnet, making it difficult to remove. In response, Hyo-ri amusingly pointed out the pendant necklace she was wearing and likened it to a baby necklace. Curious about Rain’s choice of accessory, she asked about its significance.

Rain then disclosed that his daughter had strongly recommended the necklace for his performance. Having previously worn it as a good luck charm during a recent guest appearance, Rain decided to wear it again, as it seemed to bring positive energy. Clearly, the necklace holds sentimental value for Rain, reminding him of his daughter’s support.

In other news, ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’ airs every Thursday night at 8:50 pm. The show revolves around a nationwide tour concert featuring Korea’s finest female dancers and singers. Viewers have the opportunity to witness their favorite artists up close, creating a special connection with their fans.

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Singer Rain admitted the reason why he wears his daughter’s necklace.

In tvN’s ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’, broadcast on August 10th, three male singers and dancers, Rain, Taemin, and Zico, appeared as a congratulatory delegation at the final performance.

After Rain, Taemin, and Zico’s performances, an interview was held. Lee Hyo-ri said, “Today, I told Rain not to wear (the top part). It’s so hot here and there. But it came with a magnet attached.”

In addition, Hyo-ri Lee pointed out the necklace she was wearing around her neck, telling Rain, “What is this like a baby necklace?” and Rain said, “My daughter strongly recommended this for her father’s performance. Recently, I was a guest in a performance, and it went well as a talisman, so I did it today,” he said.

Meanwhile, ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’, which airs every Thursday night at 8:50pm, tells the story of a nationwide tour concert featuring the best female artists in Korea, who have inherited a line of dance singers , enters people’s daily life. live and meet and enjoy different fans in person, containment program.

iMBC Lee So-yeon | screen capture tv

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