Singer Se-yeon Choi, “Sing bravely again” about her husband with terminal cancer… What is your age profile?

Singer Se-yeon Choi, “Sing bravely again” about her terminal cancer husband… What is your age profile? (Photo=MBN)

Singer Choi Se-yeon from ‘Special World’ took care of her husband who was fighting terminal cancer.

Singer Choi Se-yeon’s daily life was captured through MBN’s ‘Special World’ broadcast on the 18th.

Singer Choi Se-yeon gained great popularity as a housewife trot singer, winning four consecutive wins in ‘I Like Songs’.

On this day’s broadcast, Choi Se-yeon appeared with her husband Baek Seong-ha, who is battling cancer.

Choi Se-yeon, who was born in 1975 and is 47 this year, married singer Baek Seong-ha and they have twins as their children.

However, her husband is currently struggling with the disease due to end stage kidney cancer.

Choi Se-yeon said, “I think my husband will be very happy if I sing again if I have the courage to sing, so I wonder if my husband will like it better.”

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