Singer Seo In-young Faces Rumors of Divorce After Seven Months of Marriage

Singer Seo In-young Faces Speculations of Divorce After Seven Months of Marriage

Seo In-young’s husband reportedly files for divorce

Renowned singer Seo In-young has found herself caught in the midst of rumors surrounding her seven-month marriage, as her husband, known only as Mr. A, recently filed for divorce, according to multiple sources reported by Sports Donga.

The exact reasons behind the divorce request remain undisclosed, but it is widely speculated that Seo In-young is being held responsible, considering her husband took the initiative to file the suit.

The couple tied the knot in Seoul at the end of February, following the completion of their marriage registration and in the presence of close acquaintances.

Seo In-young addresses divorce claims

Responding to the reports, Seo In-young expressed her embarrassment and voiced her discomfort with the media’s attempt to expose the intimate details of her divorce lawsuit.

In a statement given to Daily Sports on the same day, the singer shared, “My husband recently approached me, expressing his desire to end our marriage due to our differing personalities and lack of compatibility. However, we have not directly discussed the prospect of a lawsuit.”

She further elaborated, stating, “This situation has taken me by surprise, and I believe it is crucial for us to understand the circumstances surrounding it.”

Emphasizing her commitment to salvage the relationship, Seo In-young clarified, “I have no intentions of divorcing my husband. There have been no major incidents between us that would warrant such a decision.”

She concluded her statement by expressing her determination to improve communication within the marriage, stating, “We will make an effort to engage in open dialogue and strengthen our bond.”

Reporter: Kwon Yoon-hee

▲ Singer Seo In-young’s wedding picture. Seo In-young’s Instagram Singer Seo In-young was embroiled in rumors of a breakup after seven months of marriage.

On the 19th, Sports Donga reported, citing multiple officials, that Seo In-young’s husband, Mr. A, recently filed for divorce against her.

The media claimed that although the background of the divorce suit was not specifically known, it is assumed that Seo In-young was the spouse at fault since her husband filed the suit.

Seo In-young got married to a non-celebrity A somewhere in Seoul at the end of February. Before this, the marriage registration was completed.

In relation to the report, Seo In-young told Daily Sports on the afternoon of the same day, “I am very embarrassed to read the details of the divorce lawsuit in an article.”

Seo In-young said, “Recently, my husband unilaterally asked us to break up, saying, ‘We have different personalities’ and ‘We are not compatible,’ but we have never discussed the lawsuit directly. “

He continued, “It’s a little sudden and I think we need to figure out the situation.”

In addition, “I have no intention of divorcing my husband. “There was no untoward incident between me and my husband,” she emphasized.

He added, “We’re going to try to talk to each other more.”

Reporter Kwon Yoon-hee

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