Singer Song Dae-gwan “Debt alone, 28 billion won, the house was sold at auction and I was rented”

Singer Song Dae-gwan “Debt alone, 28 billion won, the house was sold at auction and I was rented”

Trot singer Song Dae-gwan confessed to his appearance on MBC’s ‘Special World Starmentary’ yesterday that he is still paying off debts while going through house auctions and personal rehabilitation procedures due to debts of tens of billions of won.

He looked at the trophy that filled one wall of his house and said, “Other people have saved up a lot of money and stored it like this, but I have no relationship with money, so this is my property and all the results.”

photo = MBC

Song Dae-gwan suffered from his wife’s failure to invest in real estate and was embroiled in allegations of fraud. In the broadcast, he explained that his wife used a bank loan to develop the land to build a house in Daecheon, but the interest accrued, and the amount became 28 billion won. He said that he had sold all his property and was in the process of personal rehabilitation, such as putting up the house he lived in to settle his debts and living in rent until three years ago.

He was acquitted of allegations of fraud, but he was still troubled.

photo = MBC
photo = MBC

Some people say, “Why did you live with the wife who was so wrong?” But Dae-gwan Song said, “There is no one who married and devoted himself to me like my wife did. confessed Song Dae-gwan said, “These days, my wife is pitiful, so I am living a more courageous life.” “If I cry, that person will cry.”

Then he said, “If I try to get up again, it will fall again, and after 10 years, it will fall to the floor and even then, I wanted to show that Song Dae-gwan does not get frustrated and wakes up.”

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