Singh was ranked 1. Wat Kao Phetcharapha in the Thai Nam Kiat Phet TKO fight.

“Thai Water Fight Kiatphet TKO” torso weigh-in result on Sunday, February 26, 2023. Pair Eak Singh Sor. Chokmeechai meets Petrapha Sor. Sophit in coordinates of 123-124 pounds at the Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium. The first match is broadcast live at 4:55 pm Channel 34, shot live

“Tho Nam Thai Kiatphet TKO Battle”, a regular match on Sunday, February 26, 2023, organized by the promoter Chun Kiatphet, where the main pair is a meeting between Singha Sor. Chokmeechai (Dang) and Petrapha Sor. Sophit (blue) in the coordinates of 123-124 pounds

weighing results

Pair 1. Coordinates 104 lbs

🔴 Lawyer, Na Khiri Water Park, weighs 103.9
🔵 Phayak Samrong, Tula Nueng Kao weighing 106.2

Pair 2. Coordinates 110 lbs

🔴 Petpasak Sor. Sacrifice, weighing 110.5, reduced by 5
🔵 Pediatrician, TAT Kud Nam Sai, weighing 110.1, reduced by 1

Pair 3. Coordinates 131 lbs

🔴 Sakchainoi, M. Yu. Den, weigh 131.1, decrease 1.
🔵 Khun Sueknoi Sitkaewpraphon, weighing 132.4, reducing 1.4

Pair 4. Coordinates 123-124 lbs

🔴 Sing Sor. Chok Mee Chai weighs as much as the coordinates
🔵 Petchrapa Sor. Sophit, weighs 125.5, decreases 1.5




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