Singha Food Festival 2023: A Sustainable Comeback with Good Food and Live Music

Singha Food Festival 2023 Returns with a Focus on Sustainability

The highly anticipated Singha Food Festival is back with a new and improved theme for 2023, putting a spotlight on sustainability. After a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, foodies in Bangkok can once again look forward to this annual event showcasing the best in food and live music.

Under the theme of sustainability, the festival aims to transform into a more creative and environmentally friendly event. With a focus on reducing waste, the festival is committed to ensuring minimal environmental impact while providing a joyful experience for attendees.

What to Expect

One of the key highlights of this year’s festival is the ‘No Waste’ concept, which aims to minimize waste or create none at all during the cooking process. Additionally, waste will be managed separately and responsibly, with a special emphasis on sustainability.

On the food front, more than 20 renowned restaurants will come together in a diverse display of culinary styles. This includes establishments such as Ext.33, Waan Thai, Aromkwan, Thep Nakorn Chef Ton, and many more, offering a unique culinary experience for attendees.

As for the music lineup, the festival will feature mini-concerts by popular artists including Singto Numchok, Scrubb, Stamp, and Lipta, creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the event. Expect an array of performances by MC and DJ Vinyl Vinyl to add to the excitement.

The festival is set to take place from November 15th to 19th, from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The venue for the event will be at EmQuartier department store, Quartier Avenue zone (G Floor) and Helix Garden (5th Floor).

Don’t miss out on the Singha Food Festival 2023, where sustainability meets culinary delight and live music for a truly memorable experience!

Come back again, more sustainable than before! Singha Food Festival, a festival of good food and live music in the heart of the city, one of the big events at the end of the year to welcome the cool Singha breeze. For diners all over Bangkok ‘Singha’ has been held continuously for many years until real foodies are familiar with it. This year it has returned again as ‘Singha Food Festival 2023’.

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But the comeback came this year. (After the event was suspended during COVID-19) ‘Singha Food Festival 2023’ returns with an even better theme than before with the issue ‘sustainability’ being put forward as the heart of the work.

Transforming the food festival into a more creative event than ever before. “A festival of happiness that everyone can enjoy. without leaving a burden on the world” with highlights such as

Advertisement – Continue reading the article below ‘No Waste’ uses the concept of reducing waste to a minimum or creating no waste at all when cooking ‘Waste separately’ seriously and correctly. There is also a discount.

In terms of ‘food’, the event brought together more than 20 well-known restaurants in different styles that may not be showcased often, such as Ext.33, Waan Thai, Aromkwan, Thep Nakorn Chef Ton, Yak Yang – Chef Big, Ongtong Kaowsoi, Fishmonger, Emily’s Chicken Noodle, Jaedang Samyan (Jae Daeng Samyan), BangBang Burger, Wraptor, Fatboy BBQ, MOODEANG ice cream, Teyaki, James Boiulangerie, Cave io and Made by TODD

Finally, on the ‘music’ side, Singha has brought in famous artists to organize a mini concert, such as Singto Numchok, Scrubb, Stamp, Lipta, along with MC and DJ Vinyl Vinyl, adding color throughout the event. The event will be held between 15-19 November, from 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm at EmQuartier department store, Quartier Avenue zone (G Floor) and Helix Garden (5 Floor).

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