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Singing is a sport?There are 5 major benefits such as weight loss and immunity | Relief pressure | Immunity | Health

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Many people usually like to hum and sing, which can not only bring fun to life, but more and more studies have found that singing can also make people healthier, and has 5 major benefits such as weight loss and immunity.

When people open their mouths to sing, there are two hormones in the body are quietly releasing: Endorphin (Endorphin) and Oxytocin (Oxytocin).

Baishali Mukherjee, the Southeast Asia liaison of the World Federation of Music Therapy, told the BBC that singing is an aerobic exercise that releases endorphin and oxytocin.

Endorphins, also known as endorphins, can relieve pain and act like analgesics in the body. In addition, endorphin can make people feel pleasant and play an important role in reducing stress and anxiety.

Mukherjee said that all of this is related toEndorphins can reduce stress. Whether under pressure or any physical discomfort, illness, or psychological pain, music can affect the body and mind.

Oxytocin gets its name because it is a hormone secreted by mothers during childbirth, breastfeeding, and establishing a close bond with their babies. But regardless of men and women, doing some kind deeds and singing in daily life can promote internal secretion.

Many studies have pointed out that oxytocin can reduce pain, depression and anxiety, and can also enhance immune function. A study in the scientific journal Pharmacological Reviews mentioned that oxytocin can strengthen immune defense, inhibit inflammation, and reduce the release of the stress hormone cortisol.

When singing, the body releases endorphin and oxytocin. (Shutterstock)

Singing and listening to songs can help reduce stress hormones in the body

When people feel stressed, anxious, or irritable, the body releases the stress hormone cortisol. It will prepare the body for battle, but it will weaken the immune system and cause the body to age faster.

Studies have shown that after 40 minutes of participating in a chorus, the stress hormones in the body will rapidly decrease. Another study found that people who only listen to chorus songs also have lower cortisol levels. A paper published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine in 2004 confirmed that people who participate in chorus and those who only listen to chorus are both Can enjoy the benefits of music,People who just sing will get more: the number of proteins that act as antibodies (IgA) in the body increases significantly.

Singing belongs to whole body exercise to lose weight healthily

The famous Taiwanese singer and American vocalist Su Liwen mentioned in her book “Singing with Life” that singing is a whole-body exercise that can be used to muscles all over the body. Singing a song can achieve the effect of losing weight by running a hundred meters. . For a person weighing 60 kg, the heat energy consumption rate is 2 kcal per minute when singing, and 240 kcal can be consumed for two hours of singing (related to the depth of breath).

“British Medical Journal Open Respiratory Research” (BMJ Open Respiratory Research) has a study aimed at adults who are not singers. They tested their physiological reactions after singing and found that the exercise effect of singing is equivalent to moderate-intensity exercise, for example: moderately brisk walk.

Singing can be used to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia and can also benefit

Singing has been used to treat and improve dementia. Taiwan’s authoritative dementia physician Liu Xiuzhi once wrote that many small-scale clinical trials have shown that although singing therapy has no obvious effect on the cognitive function of patients with dementia, it can help increase attention and improve their mental and behavioral problems. Especially to reduce his anxiety, so that the caregiver can take good care of him.

In addition, after patients with new coronary pneumonia are cured, they are prone to dyspnea. The National Opera and the British National Health Service (NHS) hospitals cooperate with music and medical experts to help patients treat breathing through training courses such as singing and breathing. Symptoms such as difficulty and anxiety.

The opera singing originated from the correct breathing method. After 12 participants were trained for 6 weeks, they found that it could indeed improve the symptoms of dyspnea and anxiety, and had a positive effect on the physical and mental conditions.

Opera singing comes from the correct breathing method, which can improve the sequelae of new coronary pneumonia such as dyspnea and anxiety.  (Shutterstock)
Opera singing comes from the correct breathing method, which can improve the sequelae of new coronary pneumonia such as dyspnea and anxiety. (Shutterstock)

Singing therapy is also used to improve lung obstruction and snoring.

A karaoke room has been set up at the Nanyuegu Fitness Association Clinic in Japan to help patients with lung obstruction practice singing to relieve their symptoms.

Researchers at St George’s Hospital in the United Kingdom have interviewed the spouses of choir members and the spouses of people who do not sing. The result of the investigation is that the number of choir members snoring has decreased significantly. Another study found that singing and wind instruments may be helpful in improving snoring and sleep apnea.

Xu Shangfu, a thoracic physician at the Taipei Medical University Hospital, pointed out that singing is similar to a certain degree of myofunctional therapy. This therapy can train the muscles of the upper respiratory tract to treat snoring.

Singing can improve language and social skills

Sarah Wilson, a clinical neuropsychologist and dean of the Faculty of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne, said that the act of singing activates some of the substances in our body, but when we sing with others, its effect will be Further improve. She said, “Singing in a group of people can enhance our empathy and social connection.”

Chorus can also restore people’s mental health, enhance self-worth and self-confidence. These all help to enhance people’s social activities.

A study in February this year also found that people who often participate in chorus activities have better interpersonal relationships; chorus singers perform better in the field of language flexibility; those who have only recently participated in chorus activities have improved their overall health status significantly.

Singing helps to enhance people's social activities.  (Shutterstock)
Singing helps to enhance people’s social activities. (Shutterstock)

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