Single-use plastics are not prohibited

Single-use plastics are not prohibited

One-use plastic use across Canada represents an impractical response; on the barrier associated with the use of plastic and pollution in the country, he writes the columnist Daniel Caudle. Network photo / Postmedia File

Finally, Canada addressed an issue that would bring my faith back into the country to be a pioneering agent in the fight against the ever-growing use culture of the day.

Justin Trudeau's government has finally said that the younger generation does not just need the legal cannabis – it is a planet that will not be eradicated from our culture driving global warming to unprecedented levels.

In an attempt to combat this I am delighted to hear, although it is about five years too late, that the federal government is considering preventing any use of plastics.

Although the scope of the products involved is prohibited, I hope that plastic straps, cotton swaps, ziplock bags, takeaway caps, drink driers and zip will fall under this ban, if the legislation comes into force. as early as 2021.

Trudeau said that the decision will be based on scientific evidence when deciding on the products to come under the plan, and said that it will closely reflect the actions of the European Union and the same countries.

Trudeau continued by adding that they would like to work with industry to establish consistent standards, including the responsibility for the collection and recycling of companies producing this plastic waste.

The conclusive evidence is that plastic waste, such as bags, six-ring holders, and plastic straws are affecting the population of the many mammals and marine life around the world.

I can only emphasize only this announcement that arose in my live stream early on Monday morning 10 June to see that the country is finally tackling a global issue before it is late.

In recent years the drive towards a sustainable future has been addressing many areas, including the design of electric cars, sustainable farming practices and the realization that corporations that have been polluted free from our environment are being taken into account. now.

The five cent surcharge was a very good priority for using a plastic bag when shopping – but if this legislation is implemented it will make a difference that cannot be made towards the long lifespan of our ecosystems.

For those who think that this ban is a help to get good light on Trudeau before the elections change this year, I personally recommend you to accompany me on a scuba diving trip on the banks of Lake Huron.

A PADI scuba diver is completely certified by me and I can show you the disaster that plastics use with any marine ecosystem.

Not only are the animals eating the plastics, the thousands of animals that die from entering these plastics.

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