Sinkhole at the bottom of an Israeli swimming pool… sucked male death

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A man in his 30s died when the floor of a house in Israel suddenly collapsed.
It was quickly sucked into a sinkhole and suffered a bowel movement, but a man who enjoyed swimming together managed to escape the crisis.
Reporter Choo Seong-nam reports.

【 reporter 】
A large hole suddenly appears in the bottom of the pool, and in an instant, the tube and beach ball are swept away by the water.

A man was almost dragged into a sinkhole that suddenly appeared, but the people around him caught him and managed to escape the crisis.

In an instant, the swimming pool turned into a chaos, and people screaming in surprise everywhere.

A sinkhole occurred in the bottom of the pool while playing in the water, and a man in his 30s was sucked into the hole and eventually found dead.

After four hours of searching the pool floor, rescue teams are said to have found the body at the end of a pipe 15 meters below the floor.

The catastrophe occurred at the house of a couple in their 60s southeast of Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital, on the 21st local time.

It is known that around 50 people were invited to the party at the time.

The local police are investigating the circumstances of the incident and have booked the landlord and couple on charges of manslaughter.

Local media reported that the landlord built the swimming pool without proper permission.

This is MBN News Choo Seongnam.[]

Video editing: Kim Hye-young


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