Sinosteel’s November revenue of 45.282 billion yuan rushes to a single month’s new high school Hongyue cuts differently | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Sinosteel (2002-TW) announced today (9) that its November revenue was 45.282 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 4.8% and an annual increase of 51.4%, setting a new monthly high; cumulative revenue for the first 11 months was 427.329 billion yuan, an annual increase of 50.4% , Is also the best in the same period.

Sinosteel said that November shipments reached more than 1.1 million tons, which was not only 37,000 tons more than the original estimate, but also the largest volume in the past four months. In addition, the performance of overseas subsidiaries such as China India and China Malaysia It also continues to be hot, leading to prosperous revenue performance.

As for December’s performance, Sinosteel admitted that the current steel market atmosphere is still relatively wait-and-see. Coupled with factors such as customer inventories at the end of the year, shipments are expected to decline from November. However, shipments of value-added refined steel products are still relatively stable. Hope to support the revenue trend.

Looking forward to the first quarter of next year, Sinosteel said that by observing the price trends of Asian steel mills, it appears that China Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel are in good order. Baosteel’s January price is expected to support, which will help Asian steel prices to stabilize.

However, Sinosteel’s Zhonghong (2014-TW) November revenue was 4.813 billion yuan, a monthly decrease of 5.7% and an annual increase of 52.9%. It is different from the parent group. Demand and inventory at the end of the year have a relatively large impact. Zhonghong’s cumulative revenue for the first November was 49.783 billion yuan, an annual increase of 48.5%.


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