“Sira” sues “Tim Phitha-Petch Krunphon” for 50 million! The nodes were edited for the campaign.

“Sira” sues Phitha-Petch Khunphon for defamation with advertisements from editing photos for use in election campaigns to repair Bangkok District 9, demanding damages of 50 million baht, preparing to file the Election Commission for slaughter

Today (24 Jan) Mr. Sira Jenjaka Former Bangkok MP, Phalang Pracharat Party has assigned Mr. Thiwa Karnkrasang, a personal lawyer File a lawsuit in the Criminal Court. to prosecuteMr. Pita Limcharoenrat Leader of the Progressive Party and Mr. Khunphol Thiensuwan Candidates for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, District 9 Chatuchak – Laksi of the party advance on charges of defamation through advertising and demanded damages in the amount of 50 million baht from the case that the Progressive Party took Mr. Sira’s picture to be edited in a parody manner, along with the picture of Mr. Khun Khun Phon, along with writing the message that “Looking for volunteers to help Petch Khunpol campaign – catch election fraud, gender, age limit, just love democracy is enough.”

Mr Sira said that the prosecution of the party has advanced this time to protect his own honor and dignity. Including doing this may be wrong. The Election Act as well, which will allow the legal team to continue to prosecute the Election Commission, which is considered the act of a member of the Executive Committee of the Progressive Party. Not only the candidates of the House of Representatives, therefore, there may be penalties for dissolution of the Progressive Party as well.

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