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SIRI issues debentures Sansiri i-EASY#2, holding interest at 3.5% and 4.5% p.a.

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23 Nov 2021 17:13

Sansiri sends Sansiri i-EASY#2 debentures to raise funds for the 2nd time, 3-year debentures with 3.5% interest rate and 5-year debentures with 4.5% interest rate, purchased through SCB Easy App, starting at only 10,000 baht.

On 23 November 64, Mr. Settha Thavisin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sansiri Public Company Limited or SIRI, said that after Sansiri successfully sold the i-EASY debentures, Sansiri This is a bond that retail investors can easily buy online. With a minimum subscription limit of only 10,000 baht, 10 times lower than normal debentures in Sep. ’64.

Recently, Sansiri joins hands with Siam Commercial Bank again. Prepare to sell Sansiri debentures i-EASY#2 with a total offering value of not more than 1,000 million baht. Unsubordinated, unsecured, and has a debenture holder representative with 2 investment options, which are 3-year bonds with an interest rate of 3.5% with an offering value of 800 million baht and a 5-year bond with an interest rate of 4.5% with an offering value of 200 million baht. Interest every 3 months throughout the bond term with a minimum subscription amount of only 10,000 baht, which will be available for subscription on 29-30 Nov ’64 and 1 Dec ’21 via SCB Easy App only, with a credit rating of BBB+. Rating: “Stable” from TRIS Rating as of 5 Nov. ’21

In addition, Sansiri has increased liquidity for Sansiri i-EASY debentures by announcing the acceptance of Sansiri i-EASY debentures for the purchase of Sansiri houses, condos, townhomes in every project. by highlighting the use of debentures instead of cash increase liquidity and receive 3% per annum of investment interest from Sansiri i-EASY debentures until maturity without sacrificing investment benefits

This is the first time in the world to invest in Thailand with new financial innovations. that the debentures have liquidity that can be used instead of cash Meet the needs of retail investors who want to have a home. and wanting a return on investment in bonds at the same time Therefore, there is a current demanding to open sales. Sansiri debentures i-EASY#2 more To meet the needs of retail investors who still have demand and missed the opportunity to invest in Sansiri i-EASY debentures in the first round”.

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