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“Sirihub Token” hot can’t hold it! Create a new phenomenon “Public ICO”, hurry to grab the last 200 million baht from 2,400 million baht before falling off the parade

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Xspring announces the success that exceeds expectations “Sirihub Token” Real Estate-Backed ICO for sale in 1 week, bookings soared more than 90% of the offering amount, raking in more than 2,200 million baht Don’t miss out on Final Call!! The last 200 million baht Easy to purchase at your fingertips through the XSpring app 24 hours a day, completely confident before 4 Oct. This is for sure. Revealing a small group of overwhelmed bookings, the first ICO in Thailand create a phenomenon of universal equality Start investing only 10 baht, have the opportunity to be part of a billion-dollar real estate project Emphasize the strength of a stable investment Confident in rental income, Siri Campus, head office, Sansiri Public Company Limited and project potential, there is a chance to win upside

The Thai capital market was shaken when Xspring Digital, the SEC-approved digital token offering system (ICO Portal), pushed Sirihub Token, the first Real Estate-Backed ICO. of Thailand, which was officially offered to the public on September 21. until creating a phenomenon of overwhelming crowd of investors After opening for reservations for only the first week, bookings from both retail and large investors jumped over 90%, worth 2,200 million baht from a total offering value of 2.4 billion baht, shaking up the public ICO platform at the moment. With a distinctive feature that allows people of all groups to access billions of real estate investment projects. thoroughly and equally With an initial investment of only 10 baht, there are high-value assets as collateral. get stable returns Continuously throughout the project period of 4 years from the rent of office buildings Siri Campus Headquarters Sansiri Public Company Limited, a company with a very high credit rating. In addition, the potential of the project from the future land valuation has a high chance of winning upside. Repeat, hurry to grab the opportunity to reserve before the last 200 million baht is gone. Easy to purchase at your fingertips through the XSpring app 24 hours a day. You are completely confident before 4 Oct. This is for sure.

Mr. Att Thongyai Asavanan, Chief Executive Officer of Exspring Digital Co., Ltd., said, “Exspring Digital is delighted to be the pioneer of digital tokens for investment in Thailand. It is the country’s first digital token offering. faster than other competitors The approval of the offering from the SEC demonstrates that Exspring Digital is stable, transparent, and strictly adheres to investor protection mechanisms. Reference (Real Estate-Backed ICO), which is the most popular type of token in the international capital market because of its high stability and low risk. These factors give Xspring Digital the confidence to offer a range of investment products that break the limits of traditional investing. ready to open up new opportunities to the public and investors of all groups Therefore, investors as well as the general public can be confident that ‘SiriHub’ will be a new investment opportunity with full potential. It definitely delivers rewards and profits that are worthwhile.”

“SiriHub Tokens” are offered for sale in the amount of 240 million tokens, priced at 10 baht per token, divided into 2 groups: SiriHub A (SiriHubA), with a fundraising value of 1,600 million baht, offering the highest quarterly revenue share. 4.5% per annum and SiriHub B (SiriHubB) with a fundraising value of 800 million baht, providing a quarterly revenue share of up to 8% per annum, with a total fundraising value of 2,400 million baht for both groups. will receive a share from the sale of assets at the end of the project It was officially offered for sale on September 21. and will close the sale on October 4, 2021 at 15.30

For purchasing SiriHub A or SiriHub B tokens, investors are encouraged to consider the return conditions in detail. Because both have different advantages. Compared to quarterly share per year, SiriHub B gives quarterly share at 8% per year1 while SiriHub A receives 4.5% per year1 but SiriHub A has a special After the completion of the 4-year project, SiriHub A holders will receive a share of revenue from the sale of the Siri Campus project before the Siri Hub B holders. This special makes SiriHub A holders feel more at ease. Also, during the four-year holding of the tokens, both groups will receive the stated quarterly returns. This is clearly a rate that is several times higher than the current bank interest rate. This is exactly the kind of fruit that both groups of token holders will receive. And at the expiration of the 4-year project life, after the auction of the Siri Campus office building is completed, investors who hold SiriHub A will receive a share of revenue from the sale of the first 1.6 billion baht before the holder of SiriHub B, which will receive the excess of 1.6 billion baht in total, which from the land valuation has a very high chance of selling the project assets in excess of 2,400 million baht, meaning that Siri Hub B holders have a chance to win upside in the 4th year

In addition, once the tokens have been allocated, Can also be bought – sold in the secondary market. In which Xspring Digital has partnered with ERX Company Limited (ERX), a digital asset trading center. It is under the supervision of the SEC that investors can be assured of reliability and safety.

“The last curve for investors and people who are interested in investing safely with ‘SiriHub Token’ can be subscribed via XSpring application for both iOS and Android systems before the sale closes on October 4th at 3:30 PM. p.m. There are only a few days left. because in terms of investment Investors who see and seize early bird investment opportunities have a higher chance of generating stable and stable incomes and returns than buying in the secondary market.”

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