Siriraj Hospital closes the building for outpatients | Daily News

On April 22, Assoc. Prof. Wisit Vamvanich, Director of Siriraj Hospital revealed that because it was found that there wasMedical personnel working at the Medical Examination Unit on duty Infected with coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) from close contact with patients andI have to quarantine the personnel involved.Including proactive screening of those whoInto a close contact network To stop operating and quarantineFor 14 days according to the infectious disease control measures thatThe hospital has operated As well as cleaning and sanitizing the serviceTime in the aforementioned area To prevent the spread And to ensure the safety of the patientsWith and personnel at Siriraj Hospital, it is necessary toClosed to the general patient service at the medical examination unit Outpatient building, 1st floor, from 21-27 Apr 2021, will open to the patient.With severe symptoms or urgesGu Chen only

For patients of Siri HospitalThe royal family who is required to see a doctor Recommend the use ofThey will be able to use the telemedicine system (Siriraj Telemedicine) and receive the medicine by mail. Or consider seeing a doctor in a nearby hospital instead But if there is no needUrgent medical Can postpone the service throughYou can use the Siriraj Connect app or contact us by phone.According to the number specified in your appointment formLiterally





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