Sister Cut a Chicken and Husband and Wife Take a Bath and Make Love

Taiwanese house goddess “Chicken Pai Girl” Zheng Jiachun announced earlier that she married Japanese doctor Akira in Japan. When she attended an event in Taiwan the day before yesterday, she talked about the joy of the newlywed boudoir, saying that she and her husband He would rely on bathing to maintain their relationship: “This time the two cannot be disturbed by other things, chat about how the day is going, and rub each other’s backs. (How is the sex life after marriage?) He is in good health.” She said she had been separated from Akira for more than a year. I will still send her a private message: “Even if I’m very cold, he doesn’t care about it. In the end, he’s reluctant to let After all, we haven’t seen each other since two years. Fortunately, he has no special beliefs. I said to buy a house based on Feng Shui, and he also cooperated.”

Regarding being questioned by netizens about the fake marriage, she showed the marriage certificate on the spot to dispel the rumours, and said that she did not want to put too much financial pressure on her husband: “I mean that each person pays half the rumours. money for the wedding feast, and I don’t want him to burn his savings. It also pays the mortgage. , for honeymoon, go later.”

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