‘Sister-in-law debate’ Son Dam-bi’s recent status… ♥ Lee Kyu-hyuk and strong affection


‘Sister-in-law debate’ Son Dam-bi’s recent status… ♥ Lee Kyu-hyuk and strong affection

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Singer-actress Son Dam-bi showed her husband’s continued love. /Photo = Son Dam-bi’s Instagram


After the controversy over her brother-in-law, actress Son Dam-bi revealed her recent situation with her husband, Kyu-hyuk Lee.

On the 12th, Son Dam-bi posted a photo along with the words “Jinjin giving birth soon, the last Chuseok” on her Instagram story. In the published photo, Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk were together with an acquaintance who was about to give birth. The couple in the photo conveyed happiness by smiling brightly at the camera.

Son Dam-bi married speed skating coach Lee Kyu-hyuk in May. Last month, Son Dam-bi’s younger brother and figure skating coach, Lee Kyu-hyun, was arrested and charged with violating the Act on Special Cases Relating to the Punishment of Crimes of Sexual Violence. In response, related comments were also poured into Son Dam-bi’s Instagram account. Son Dam-bi stopped SNS activities for a while, but resumed on the 10th after leaving a message saying, “Thank you for your support and encouragement.”

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