Sister Wang Xin Linglang 3 “Incompatible Insider” leaked out! “These two” disappeared in exchange for Wu Jinyan’s “internal coaxing reasons” all exposed!

Sister Wang Xin Linglang 3 “Incompatible Insider” leaked out! “These two” disappeared in exchange for Wu Jinyan’s “internal coaxing reasons” all exposed!

Well-known Taiwanese actress Wang Xinling and well-known South Korean singer Jessica (Zheng Xiuyan), became popular again because of their participation in “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves 3”, and they collaborated with other “sisters” to record a new. program, called “Sister Lang” “The topic continued, but the names of Guo Caijie and Xue Kaiqi could not be seen in the list of this program. Instead, Wu Jinyan, who was eliminated earlier, was replaced, which unexpectedly caused criticism and abuse from many fans.

“Sister Riding the Wind and Waves 3” was finally formed by 10 people including Wang Xinling, Jessica, Yu Wenwen, Tan Weiwei, Zhong Xintong, Xue Kaiqi, Cai Zhuoyan, Tang Shiyi, Guo Caijie, and Zhang Tianai. Among them, leader Wang Xinling led Cai Zhuoyan, Zhong Xintong, Wu Jinyan, and Huang Xiaolei to record “The Promise of the Stars” together. In each episode of the program, Zhang Weijian, Charmaine Sheh, Wang Dongcheng, Zhang Dongliang and others were also invited as flight guests. Zhang Tianai, Tang Shiyi, Tan Weiwei and other sisters were invited many times to join the stage together, which made the show widely praised as soon as it was released.

On the other end, Jessica, who is in second place, led Yu Wenwen, Liu Lian, Zhao Meng, Zhang Li, and Zhang Tianai to jointly record “Band’s Beach”. It can follow the program mode of “The Promise of the Stars” and also invited many well-known celebrities. Artists on stage. However, the broadcast details of the show have not been announced yet. In addition, many fans have found that Guo Caijie and Xue Kaiqi are not in the guest list of these two big shows, but Wu Jinyan and Huang Xiaolei, and were eliminated early, unexpectedly came the regular team. , causing great controversy, and more news and rumors spreading on the Internet.

In this regard, according to the Hong Kong media report “Dongwang”, Xue Kaiqi has now returned to Hong Kong. The reason why he categorically refused the invitation of the program was because it conflicted with the recording time of “Riding the Wind and Waves “, as well as her previous work. It has been a year and a half that I have not been able to work outside my home.

Xue Kaiqi also revealed that the two programs actually contacted and sent invitations, “But I refused without even asking for the compensation, feeling that family is the most important thing.” Facing the curious concern of fans, is it a break with the feelings of other sisters? Xue Kaiqi immediately responded that everyone was very kind to her. Even after recording the show, everyone continued to keep in touch, and I hope that everyone will not misunderstanding again. As for Guo Caijie, she has not responded yet, but many fans continue to beat on the bowl, hoping that she will appear on the show to surprise everyone.

SIS, what do you think~

Source: Weibo@Sy__Jessica

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