Sitla, daughter of Tua Sarunyu, was crushed after news of preparing to debut as an artist in Korea

Luk Nang – Sittala Wongkrachang It was heavily criticized on social media on Tuesday (Nov. 30) for joining the PDRC rally during 2013-2014, causing the hashtag #SITALA It became the most talked about phrase among Twitter users in Thailand on the same day.

The criticism came after news that Grand Line Entertainment The Seoul-based entertainment company, South Korea, is scheduled to officially launch the girl group H1-KEY in January 2022, with 25-year-old Sitla. a member of the band

This caused Internet users to take photos that Ms. Sittala took photos with four other acquaintances near the stairs going up and down the Siam BTS station in front of Siam Paragon Shopping Center, Rama I Road in Bangkok. Miss Sitala hanging whistle Which is a symbol of the PDRC assembly and he wears a headband with red, white and blue patterns similar to the Thai flag. and hold the national flag in hand

such a gathering Occurred between 2013 and 2014. Initially, the goal was to express dissent against a bill that would amnestize all political demonstrators that the PDRC feared might include the former prime minister. Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra makeMs. Yingluck Shinawatra The Prime Minister at that time decided to withdraw the said bill from the council’s consideration.

The response was unsatisfactory for the PDRC and escalated the rally to oust Yingluck’s government. When Yingluck later used her administrative powers to dissolve the House of Representatives to hold new elections on Feb. 2, 2014, some protesters blocked elections at some polling stations. until the Constitutional Court ruled that the election was void because it is not held on the same day in the whole country

NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFPAffirmation: A Woman Who Can’t Get Into the Election Raise an ID card and argue with the police who stood in front of the polling station as anti-government protesters seized the polling station on Feb. 2, 2014.

Some of the protesters with the PDRC also called for the military to seize power of the government. which actually happened on 22 May the same year withGeneral Prayut Chan-ocha Leader of the coup d’etat which later used the name The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and remained in power until 2019, and although elections took place that year But it is also accused that many rules still facilitate the succession of the NCPO’s power, for example the 250-member Senate is all appointed.

Netizens on the support side – the opposition side, giving reasons to fight

A group of Internet users think it should be a thing of the past. And to make her debut as an artist in South Korea by Ms. Sitala is following her dreams. Therefore, it should be distinguished, not bringing politics involved.

Internet users with a different view argue that Politics is used to destroy the dreams of many people. Whether it’s people in the entertainment industry who come out to call for democracy. Not only that, the aftermath of the 2014 coup continues to this day. The coup also destroyed the opportunities and dreams of many young people in terms of economy, liberties and other aspects.

PORNCHAI KITTIWONGSAKUL / AFPDo not resist: Police arrested students at a rally in a shopping center in Bangkok on May 22, 2015, the one-year anniversary of the coup.

At the same time, this group of Internet users continues to give an example that Many of the youth who were supposed to fulfill their dreams were imprisoned. Even if there is no conviction for any crimes, whether Penguin-Prit Chiwarak, Rung-Phanataya Sitthichirawatanakul, Ms. Benja Apan continue toA group of protesters in Din Daeng area

Ms. Sitala’s advocacy group also pointed out that Ms. Sittala was probably still a youth at that time. may get political ideas from parents, which is Mr. Sarunyu Wongkrachang famous actor who passed away andMrs. Hattaya Wongkrachang Therefore, those who oppose must be distinguished. and should not do this.

Internet users who disagreed with Ms. Sitala’s debut asked, Why are people threatening to whistle at them? The son of Ms. Yingluck Former Prime Minister in 2013, at that time, he was still studying in primary school.

Hijacking a music label to suspend debut

Some internet users have made claims to Grandline Entertainment. to suspend the launch of Ms. Sitala as a high-key band artist and asked internet users in South Korea to join the claim. by comparing How will South Koreans feel? If a sponsor is launchedMr. Cheon Doo-hwan The former dictator is an artist.



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