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‘Sitomotiv’ thank you for all your support. Shedding concern | Daily News

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Still receiving a lot of attention and encouragement from all the fans After a large young singer Sat-Prakit the Motive Band Who disappeared since December 7, 2020 in the midst of the search of all parties Until recently, he met the young Sunit In the midst of everyone’s relief As already reported

Recent developments

“Daily News Online” Can call to B. Personal manager of NumSit and the Motif By being disclosed to the symptoms of a famous singer that “I would like to thank everyone for their love and kindness, including for caring. Thank you really. Now he is still tired. Have a little stress We just have to dissolve the stress for him. Now he gave the brine And is resting Really, cause he’s gone As far as we can talk, it is from a lot of stress, including work, surroundings, personal matters, business, which requires him to relax first. “

As for the issue that many people want to know, Shit will answer himself in an interview in Pattaya tomorrow on December 12, where he will answer everyone’s question. And really, he goes to work tomorrow. At first, the doctor didn’t want to go because he wanted 1-2 days to rest, but because he and all the singers and musicians all dreamed of going to such a big event. Plus Sasit is a person in charge of the work and is very attentive to the work, so he wants to go, which tomorrow would encourage everyone to send to him as well. Or who is already working Went to this event and asked to cheer To scream on the side of the stage to give him encouragement And after this work Various events can still be contacted But I will choose to see which work is suitable for him to accept first. Or when should you take a break first for his body to be strong quickly “

Celebrity manager Continue saying “As for the depression that Siit has, I have to talk to my parents first. But believe that it is a matter of the mind Must take care and talk Which will lead to a doctor to dissolve the behavior Melt away stressful things But the matter that people may think to other reasons that he whatever We really go that he is not. We cannot stop thinking of anyone. We are public Must try to let go “

side sharp Briefly revealed the feelings of oneself that are loved and worried so much through the phone “Thank you, okay.”

Thanks for the illustration from Facebook Prakasit Zit Sakolvaree.

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