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Sitwong Motif disappears after posting his life. Personal manager asked for help.

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Mr. Ruangdejpornjaroonphong Personal manager of Sun-declaration Lead singer of Motif In a Facebook post yesterday night (Dec. 8) that the singer and musician disappeared. After driving a luxury white Mercedes-Benz brand registered 8K4 Bangkok away

Post blotting life

At the same time, it was found that the last post on the Facebook page of Chit Prajit on December 6 contained a revelatory content. “I’m glad … to take care of everyone” Also, it is unclear whether it was related to the disappearance.

This singer and musician has been suffering from depression for a while. Which earlier in the same day (6 Dec), he also posted a clip on the YouTube website on Facebook. The clip features severe depression that leads to suicide. By describing this post as “Waiting … I”

Not only that, the day before (December 5), Chit Prajit also posted on Facebook stating that he felt that he was worthless. And continue to question life on this earth

“Feeling now Why do you feel that I am not worth it. What are you doing today? Must you stay? “

Retrospect of famous works

Sitpeakit entered the entertainment industry. Along with a band called Motif (Motif), a rock band. It was launched in 2001 with a total of 5 members including themselves.

The rock band has a number of memorable works such as the left chest song withTeng Therd-tom Famous comedian Appearing in music videos, Valuable, in his arms all the way to the unfaithful song.

Last July, Motif released their latest song called Nothing to ask With more than 9 million views on YouTube’s website


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