Sivarom (SVR) taps IPO price at 2.20 baht per share, ready to book at the end of this month

SVR stock It’s a new real estate stock worth keeping an eye on. because Joe can grow In the middle of the COVID-19 epidemic in the last 3 years significantly This emphasizes the growth trend of SVR’s operating performance which has the opportunity to enter a high growth level continuously in the future.

Underinvestment expansion and development of new projects that will happen in the future and from strategic planning in real estate development For all types of low-priced houses from 1 to 7 million baht, the company focuses on developing houses on plots of land . per project, no more than 50 ℃, in order to be able to distribute the development of projects in different areas that are appropriate to the needs and do not cause excessive supply.

Mr. Attapawit Manotamraksa, Managing Director of Sivarom Real Estate Public Company Limited or “SVR” Mr. revealed that this listing on the Market for Alternative Investments (may) is considered an important step that reflects the determination and determination to lead the organization to success. About the SVR money The amount of money raised this time was 286 million baht from the share price offered.

which the company will invest to develop further projects in the future to cover Bangkok and its surroundings to drive all projects currently being developed to create added value for the company under a business strategy to be consistent with the concept of “Best Smart Living”

1. The location must be convenient for travel. close to major utilities and near the BTS (Smart Location)

2. Living space design that brings the needs of the residents to the location. so that the residents can use the space in the house worthwhile and perfectly (Smart Space)

3. The house price paid by the residents must be the highest value (Smart Value).

4. Various innovations (Smart Home) that will meet the lifestyle needs of each generation to make the lives of the residents more comfortable.

Currently, SVR has closed 2 projects and 6 projects are for sale, 1 project is under development. Bangpoo area, industrial estate location such as Chonburi and Rayong Including being in the process of expanding to more areas in and around Bangkok

Sivarom (SVR) taps IPO price at 2.20 baht per share, ready to book at the end of this month

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