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“Low power mode” is useful when you want to extend your iPhone’s battery life when you’re out and about. I’m sure you, the reader, have installed it many times on your own iPhone. In the low power mode, it is possible to reduce the drop in charging, so even if there is room in the battery, many people may dare to use this setting regularly.

Today, there is an Instagrammer who presents iPhone techniques that are very active in daily lifeAtsuyu Shop clerk @yuki_sumaho’s iPhone usagemail from“Surprisingly I don’t know! Disadvantages of Low Power Mode on iPhoneI would like to introduce you to

The clerk of the Atsuyu iPhone Usage Technique store posted the following sentence on Instagram the other day, along with an image explaining the disadvantages of the iPhone’s low power mode.

“I’m Atsuyu, the creator of iPhones and cell phone designs! Today, I’m going to explain the disadvantages of iPhone low power mode!”

This post has a lot of “likes” and has become a hot topic on Instagram. Now let’s get into the details of this post.

What are the unknown disadvantages of low power mode?

When it comes to extending battery life, “low power mode” has only been talked about as a virtue so far, but actually installing it seems to have six disadvantages.

(Image provided by “Atsuyu shop clerk’s iPhone usage technique (@yuki_sumaho)”)

First of all, the first disadvantage is that the CPU speed drops below 40%. When the CPU processing speed decreases, the screen becomes jerky and the reading speed slows down when playing games on a smartphone. Since the original power of the iPhone is not shown, this is probably a big drawback.

(Image provided by “Atsuyu shop clerk’s iPhone usage technique (@yuki_sumaho)”)

Second, it slows down getting emails. To be a little more specific, it seems that the frequency of email retrieval will be less than usual, and it will take some time for notifications to reach the iPhone itself. The contributor, Atsuyu shop clerk iPhone technique use, says that people who use SNS often should be careful about this.

(Image provided by “Atsuyu shop clerk’s iPhone usage technique (@yuki_sumaho)”)

And the third, as many of you know, is that the brightness of the screen is limited. Many people may find it difficult to visually see the screen because the brightness is darker than usual.

Does Low Power Mode Make Siri Grumpy?

(Image provided by “Atsuyu shop clerk’s iPhone usage technique (@yuki_sumaho)”)

A fourth drawback is that background updates are turned off. iPhones usually have an automatic update feature that updates even if the app isn’t open, but remember that this is also turned off in low power mode.

(Image provided by “Atsuyu shop clerk’s iPhone usage technique (@yuki_sumaho)”)

Fifth, the number of seconds for automatic screen lock is fixed at 30 seconds. You can choose the time you want to lock the screen automatically, but in low power mode it will be forced to lock in 30 seconds. In addition to this, it appears that there will be limitations on effects when waking from sleep.

(Image provided by “Atsuyu shop clerk’s iPhone usage technique (@yuki_sumaho)”)

The sixth and last is that Siri is in a bad mood. In other words, it seems that even if you say “Hey Siri”, it won’t respond. My Siri often participates in conversations without being called, but it seems that this will not happen at all in low power mode. By the way, if you want to use Siri while in low power mode, press and hold the power button and it will respond normally.

Let’s install it after understanding the cons!

Six disadvantages that occur by setting the low power mode. Readers, did you know the six?

Although there are some downsides, I think there are some people who can’t put their stomachs in place of their backs if they want to keep as much charge as possible on the go.

An Instagram user who read this post said, “It’s true that SMS reception speed is slow when in low power mode! I’m glad I understood the reason.”

Even if you know the advantages of low power mode, it is surprising that many people did not know the disadvantages, so if you remember it as iPhone trivia on this occasion, it may be useful in an Absent emergency.

* Thumbnail image (Image: Provided by “Atsuyu store clerk’s iPhone usage technique (@yuki_sumaho)”)