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SK Energy S-OIL cuts LPG price by 40 won in June

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[투데이에너지 조대인 기자] Following LPG importers such as SK Gas and E1 and other refineries, S-OIL (representative Hussein Al Qatani) and SK Energy (representative Cho Joong-mok) decided to cut the domestic LPG price by 40 won per kg each in June.

For this reason, major business partners such as charging stations and industries that deal with S-OIL in April and May for household commercial propane from 1,010.00 to 970.00 won per kg, and industrial propane supplied through bulky from 1,017.00 to 977.00 won in April and May. LPG will be supplied at a price lowered by 40 won.

In addition, butane supplied to LPG car charging stations will be supplied with LPG from June 1 at a price changed from 1,398.00 won per kg to 1,358.00 won.

From June 1st, SK Energy (CEO Cho Joong-mok) will also supply LPG at a price of 40 won lower from 1,009.40 won per kg to 969.40 won for home commercial propane.

In addition, the price of propane supplied to industries through bulky, etc. is reduced from 1,016.00 won to 976.00 won per kg, and LPG is supplied at the adjusted price cut from 1,402.00 won per kg to 1,362.00 won per kg at LPG car charging stations.

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