SK E&S, Executive Recruitment…”Focus on building core capabilities in the hydrogen and energy sector”

Talents to preoccupy opportunities in the hydrogen/renewable energy and energy solution business fields

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Yoon-ae Lee = SK E&S announced on the 2nd that it had carried out organizational restructuring and regular executive reshuffle. For the successful implementation of the financial story announced this year, we focused on strengthening our agile and bold capabilities.

SK E&S held ‘Media Day’ in September and completed a Green Portfolio focusing on four major growth businesses, including hydrogen, renewable energy, energy solution, and low-carbon LNG, to achieve a corporate value of 35 trillion won by 2025. I have expressed my vision to do it.

An SK E&S official said, “We focused on building infrastructure and core competencies that can quickly seize opportunities in the hydrogen, renewable energy, and energy solution business fields.” We will focus on improving the execution power for the promotion.”

[SK E&S 로고]

Below is a list of executives

[SK E&S ’22년 임원인사]

◇ New appointment

▲ Gong Seong-woon, Head of Human Resources Development Division
▲ Kim Il-young, Head of Asset Management Division
▲ Do Eui-Hwan, Head of Finance Division 1
▲ Ki-Dae Park in charge of PassKey Investment Banking Services and Energy Solution Unit
▲ Park Junsu, Head of Planning Division
▲ Kyung-seok Seo, Head of Autonomous and Responsible Management Support Office
▲ Yeom Chang-yeol in charge of Energy Solution Business Support Office and EQ-TF
▲ Hyeong-eun Ha, Head of Hydrogen Engineering Group
▲ Kwon Ki-joon in charge of Indonesia Country Office

◇ Appointment of subsidiary representative (planned)
▲ Sa Geuk-jin, CEO of Cowon Energy Service
▲ Sanghak Moon, CEO of Busan City Gas
▲ Kim Ki-young, CEO of Chungcheong Energy Service
▲ Park Hwa-young, CEO of Gangwon City Gas
▲ Park Kyung-sik, CEO of Jeonbuk Energy Service

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