SK hynix reorganizes ‘Kwak No-jeong-Roh Jong-won’, including promotion to president

▲ From left, Kwak No-jeong, president of SK hynix, and Roh Jong-won, president of SK hynix ⓒSK hynix

SK hynix announced on the 2nd that it had firmly established itself as a global first-class technology company and prepared for a second leap forward, and announced on the 2nd that it had carried out organizational restructuring and executive reshuffle in 2022 after reporting to the board of directors.

The ‘Safety Development and Manufacturing Supervision’ and ‘Business Manager’ organizations were newly established under the CEO. In order to strengthen the company-wide responsibility and authority for safety and health, the role of the existing general manager of development and manufacturing was expanded to the general manager of safety, development and manufacturing. No-jeong Kwak, in charge of manufacturing and technology, will be promoted to president and take charge of this organization. The business manager will lead the future growth strategy and implementation together with the global business, and Roh Jong-won, in charge of management support, will be promoted to president and lead the organization.

After graduating from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Korea University, President Kwak No-jeong joined Hyundai Electronics’ Process Technology Office, the predecessor of SK Hynix, in 1994, and then worked in R&D and production sites. In 2012, with the acquisition of Hynix Semiconductor by SK Group, he was promoted to Managing Director. In 2017, he became the executive vice president in charge of FAB in Cheongju, and in 2019 became the vice president in charge of manufacturing and technology, which is the position of general development and manufacturing.

President Roh Jong-won was born in 1975 and joined SK Telecom in 2003 after graduating from the Department of Physics at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). In 2016, he was promoted to president five years later.

Next, a ‘American Business’ organization was established to implement the ‘Inside America’ strategy. CEO Lee Seok-hee will concurrently serve as the head of this organization. A ‘American R&D’ organization is created under the Americas business. SK hynix plans to strengthen the global competitiveness of the NAND business through a new organization in the Americas and create partnerships with the world’s leading ICT companies.

At the same time, the ‘Corporate Culture Upgrade TF’ was newly established, and President Kwak No-Jeong concurrently serves as the head of this organization. The chief executives of each division will participate in this task force and communicate with the members to establish a working culture suitable for a global first-class technology company.

SK hynix decided to promote change in terms of drastic generational change and diversity and inclusiveness for early nurturing of excellent human resources. In this new executive recruitment, the company produced the first full-time executive in charge of Sohn Su-yong, and selected Shin Seung-ah as a competent female executive, and Lee Jae-seo born in 1982 as an excellent leader of the MZ generation.

SK Hynix Vice Chairman Park Jeong-ho said, “As a world-class semiconductor technology company, we will make a difference in the world together with global ICT companies.”

The following is a list of promotions and new appointments

Promotion of president

Kwak No-jeong

Noh Jong-won

New appointments (29 people)

Kyuhyun Kim

Sang-Hoon Kim

Jinyoung Kim

Kim Heon-gyu

Moon Ki-il

pattern flag

Park Sang-beom

Park Seong-jo

Park Tae-jin

Seo Jae-wook

hand in hand

Son Seung-hoon

Shin Seung-ah

Shin Hyun-soo

Shim Gyu-chan

Hyunjun Ahn

Yeo Dong-jun

Oh Dong-yeon

Jaeyeon Yoon

Yoon Hong-seong

Lee Kwang-ok

Lee regulation

Jaeseo Lee

Jaejoon Lee

Hyunmin Lee

Jang Man-young

Jung Hae-gang

Hoesam Jeong

Ji Woon-hyuk


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