SK Siltron-Gyeongbuk-do MOU to invest 1.2 trillion won in expansion of silicon wafer manufacturing facility

North Gyeongsang Province announced on the 1st that SK Siltron will invest 1.236 trillion won to expand silicon wafer manufacturing facilities at Gumi National Industrial Complex 3 between this year and 2026.

Dowa and SK Siltron signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on investment on the 1st with the participation of SK Siltron CEO Jang Yong-ho, North Gyeongsang Province Governor Lee Cheol-woo, Gumi Mayor Kim Jang-ho, and other officials.

Prior to this, in November 2021, SK Siltron signed a memorandum of understanding to invest 190 billion won to expand the production of SiC semiconductor wafers for next-generation power semiconductors at the Gumi National Industrial Complex 2. In March the last year, he also promised to invest 1 trillion won, and this time, he signed a large-scale investment agreement of 1.236 trillion won.

SK Siltron is currently producing 300mm and 200mm wafers with its wafer manufacturing technology, such as being selected as the best company in 2022 by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

As of 2021, the global wafer market share is 5th in the world, and in the 300mm wafer market, which is favored by integrated semiconductor manufacturers (IDM) and mainly produced by SK Siltron, 3rd in the world being pushed forward with the investment.

Gyeongsangbuk-do expects a positive impact in attracting Gumi Semiconductor Specialized Complex with SK Siltron’s decision to make this large-scale investment. Currently, semiconductor-related companies such as SK Siltron, LG Innotek, MagnaChip Semiconductor, Worlddex, Wonik Q&C, Coors Tech Korea, and KEC are concentrated in the Gumi National Industrial Complex.

Meanwhile, Gyeongbuk-do announced a plan to train 20,000 semiconductor specialists last year, Kumoh Institute of Technology is supplying talent through an agreement with SK Siltron, and Gumi Electronics Technical High School plans to develop it into a semiconductor specialist high school -conductors and supply field manpower to companies. has been revealed

Gumi = Reporter Jeong Jae-hoon

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