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6new student joins10The day before this year’s birthday, which was celebrating a birthday8moon9It has been decided that Haruka Kumazaki will release her first picture book on the same day.

On location in Hokkaido in the middle of winter,

Horse riding, skiing, hot springs, winter beaches, encounters with bears in the zoo…

To put a smile of the past in the picture, I packed what I want to do now2night3This is a collection of photographs documenting the day’s journeys.

10An interview looking back on the life of the year’s idols is also included.

8Looking forward to the monthly release.

Haruka Kumasaki/Photographer: Takeo Dec. (published by Fusosha)

[Sylw gan Haruka Kumasaki]

When I first heard about it through my manager, I was so happy I couldn’t help but say, “(Release a photo book)It’s been a dream! ! I said!

I like having my pictures taken, so I feel like I’m jealous of people who publish picture books, but I’ve been away from gravure until now, so I think I feel like gave up because I thought it wouldn’t turn. around.

But after all, I couldn’t give up, and when I said in my speech that I wanted to publish a photo book at the birthday festival, this year I said that I would do a live solo and a photo book at the birthday festival.2I believe the fans will be very happy because I managed to make two dreams come true very quickly. I was really looking forward to this announcement I can tell you like this!

I often have an image of a smiling face, but since I’m going to put out a photo book, I want to show you a different expression and atmosphere than usual. I tried a lot of things for the first time, like drinking alcohol , so we would be happy if you were surprised.

I don’t know if I’ll be surprised, but I didn’t tell the members yet because I wanted to surprise them, so I’m looking forward to their reactions!

■ For a limited edition

Seven net limited edition /LoppiHMVlimited edition

* Each cover will be different from the regular version.

information about events

A handover party will be held in Tokyo and Nagoya!

* We will notify you as soon as the details are finalised.

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SK48Kumazaki Haruka1stPhoto Book * “Title undecided”

photograph:Takeo Dec.Published by Fusosha

·release date/2023Year8moon9day (water)

· List price/2,800ring (body2,545yen + tax)

・Type of judging/A4Format deformations


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