Ski instructor arrested for sexual assault

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A 20-year-old ski instructor accused of sexually assaulting a 6th grade elementary school girl on Christmas Day was arrested and imprisoned yesterday.

By Shin Jae-woong.

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Park Mo, a 25-year-old ski instructor, has been asked for an arrest warrant for raping a 6th grader at an unmanned motel on Christmas Day.

[박 모 씨 / 피의자]

“(Do you admit to the rape allegation?) …((Victim) Do you have anything to say to the family or the victim?) …”

He put on a black padded hat and said only briefly that he was sorry.

[박 모 씨 / 피의자]

“(Try to say something) I’m sorry. (Isn’t this something you planned from the moment you took us to the motel?) …”

Park is accused of sexually assaulting Yoon-ji (pseudonym), who begs her to “send her home.”

They even recorded it as if it were voluntary prostitution.

[윤지(가명) / 어머니와 대화]

“He said ‘I accept the conditional meeting at 30 (10,000 won)’ and told me to talk to him…”

The police, who applied for an arrest warrant three weeks after the incident, applied charges of personal injury, such as rape, and sexual acts similar to minors, according to the Act on Special Cases of Sexual Violence, which can receive a minimum of 10 years in prison and up to life imprisonment.

The court issued a warrant saying, “There is a risk of escape and destruction of evidence.”

The police will soon complete the investigation and hand over the case to the prosecution.

This is Jaewoong Shin from MBC News.

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