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The authorities of Burkina Faso are setting up Skills and Support Offices (BCA). Its goal is to support students in the construction and realization of their professional or employment projects. Three steps are to be observed in accessing the device. Reading

Following the exchanges of the president of the transition, Captain Ibrahim Traoré with the students and teachers of the Joseph Ki-Zerbo University, on January 17, 2023, a complaint formulated is taken into account by the authorities of the transition. Following the exchanges, Captain Ibrahim Traoré launched on May 26, 2023 in Fada N’Gourma, the installation of offices of the National Employment Agency (ANPE) within the public universities of Burkina Faso.

According to the Minister of Sports, Youth and Employment, Dr Aboubacar Sawadogo, this initiative of President Traoré, through the Skills and Support Offices (BCA) aims to support students in the construction and realization of their professional or employment projects.

According to the Minister of Employment, the BCAs will be premises or spaces that will be made available to the ANPE by the university in which the students are located.

Aboubacar Sawadogo underlined that this device will make it possible to evaluate the students and to redirect them, so that they can learn a trade and fit “with dignity” and “quickly” into the world of work. Dr. Sawadogo informs that, three stages are to be observed in the access to the BCA.

This is a first phase which consists of diagnosing or collecting the needs of the student, and a second phase relating to the possibilities offered to him on the job market.

As for the third phase, it relates to the description of the course of the student in his desired field.

“We are going to have employment and training advisers. These advisers will have the task of voluntarily welcoming students who wish to take stock of their course, ”said the Minister of Employment.


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