Sleep in prison! The court did not grant bail to “Benz Damon” in the high penalty case : PPTVHD36

The court did not grant bail to “Benz Damon” in the case of “Macao 888” after being detained for the first time. The court considered that the punishment was high. Behavior that causes serious harm to society

Progress after “Benz Damon” returned to Thailand to fight the “Macau 888” case that had been kept for questioning since last night.

Recently, investigators from the Technology Crime Investigation Division filed a complaint with the Criminal Court Ask for the 1st detention, Mr. Chaiwat Kajonbunthavorn or “Benz Damon”, the case was organized jointly accused. help advertise or persuade them to gamble and launder money

which is an offense under the Gambling Act 1935 and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 1999 together with Section 83 of the Criminal Code.

Investigators asked to be detained for 12 days from February 15-26, 2023, because the investigation was not yet complete. Another 10 witnesses must be questioned and the results of the fingerprint examination awaited. and the history of the accused’s conviction

The investigating officer also opposes the accused’s bail because the case has a high penalty rate together with the nature of the accused’s crime as a network If they have been temporarily released, fearing that they will escape and be difficult to trace later to sue them

After the detention process was completed, the relatives of Mr. Chaiwat or “Benz Damon” filed a petition. with securities such as land title deeds worth more than 12 million baht for temporary release

The Criminal Court considered that the case has a high penalty rate of 10 years or more, which is considered a serious charge. The behavior is a serious socially destructive movement. against morality Evidence appeared in financial avenues of gambling to the account of the accused in the amount of millions of baht. by the investigating officer objecting to the bail because he saw that he could escape or mess with evidence during the questioning If insurance is not appropriate In this class, raise the application.