SM Credit Information and Asia’s No. 1 Inker Law Firm for Debt Collection Business

SM Credit Information, an affiliate of SM Group’s service sector, has signed a business consignment agreement for debt collection and management with Inker Law Firm, the largest in the Asia Pacific.

SM Group announced on the 28th that a business agreement ceremony was held with Gong Mun-yong, SM Credit Information Sales Headquarters Director, Jung Hyun-woo, SM Credit Information Sales Headquarters Director, Kim Seong-ik Inker Law Firm CGO, and Kim Yong Inker Law Firm Deputy Representative Attorney.

Through this business agreement with Inker Law Firm, SM Credit Information will be able to expand its bond market to China, Asia and the Pacific region. Inker Law Firm is now able to provide one-stop service by combining debt collection services linked to litigation.

SM Credit Information, established in 1999, is a top-notch credit information company in Korea. Since then, it has provided the highest level of stable services in the industry, such as debt collection, credit investigation, and financial due diligence, using its own collection technique. In addition, it is evaluated that it has built a wide network and know-how through business agreements with 155 overseas partners in 85 countries.

Oh-Hyeon Woo, Chairman of SM Group, said, “It is encouraging that SM Credit Information’s excellence in safe and systematic debt management system has been recognized through this agreement.” said.

An official from Inker Law Firm said, “Through the agreement with reliable SM Credit Information, we outsourced the debt collection system, increased customer confidence in the law firm, and laid the foundation for more comprehensive and stable legal advice and management work.” .

Meanwhile, Yingke Law Firm is a global law firm established in 2001, and is the largest law firm in the Asia-Pacific region with its headquarters in Beijing, China and 270 branches. It established a Korean branch in 2019 and is actively engaged in various tasks ranging from investment, contract disputes, and intellectual property rights to international disputes.


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