SM gathers artists from the label to release a winter album in 10 years | Sanook Music

SM Entertainment Release winter album SMTOWN in 10 years called 2021 Winter SMTOWN : SMCU EXPRESS On December 27 at 16:00 Thai time through various online music platforms

This album will have SM artists who have activities around the world to participate. KANGTA (Kanta), Good (Boa), TVXQ! (Dong Bang Shin Ki), SUPER JUNIOR (Super Junior), Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG (Girls GenerationOh!GG), SHINee (SHINee), KAI (Kai) loop EXO (Exo), Red Velvet (Red Velvet), NCT (NCT) and aespa (espa) which consists of 10 songs of various genres, including the double title song “빛 (Hope from KWANGYA)” and “Dreams Come True”

❄ One of the title songs light (Hope from KWANGYA)”

: A remake of the original song “Hope” that has received much love as SMTOWN’s representative song since its release on HOT’s 3rd full-length album in 1998, remakes it with a rich sound. along with adding a beautiful string melody not only this The harmonization of all the artists participating in this album was very impressive, including KANGTA who composed the lyrics and melody of the original song. has come to direct the vocals of this song by himself

❄ Another title song “Dreams Come True” of aespa

: Pop-dance at aespa, a remake of the title track on SES’s second full-length album from 1998, blends the youthful energy and aespa vibe of hip-hop with the mysterious and dreamy sound of “Aespa”. Original song Importantly, BoA is also involved in all productions, including the song, choreography and visuals, enhancing the perfection of this song, with aespa’s “Dreams Come True” being released before it’s pre- released on December 20 through SM STATION.

❄ Music “DINNER” of TVXQ!

: Warm pop ballad Describe the time of preparing dinner for your significant other at the end of a tiring day. and share the little joys as they sit facing each other

❄ Music Melody of Girls” Generation-Oh!GG

: Mid-tempo pop music The charm is in the beautiful lyrics that remind me of the beautiful and fascinating moments. and retro jazz vibes which has a retro jazz vibe caused by various acoustic instruments. It creates a warm atmosphere in the cold winter.

❄ Music “Magical” of TVXQ! and SUPER JUNIOR

: A bright pop song with TVXQ’s catchy vocals! and SUPER JUNIOR the lyrics mention that “Our friendship is fate and miracles”, which is the new song the two groups have sung together in 16 years after 2005’s “Show Me Your Love”.

❄ Music “Snow Dream 2021” of “SM maknae line”

(PLACE Red Velvet, HAECHAN, CHENLE, JISUNG NCT group, NINGNING aespa band)

: The song that takes the title track “Snow Dream” from the 2006 winter album SMTOWN is remade into the 2021 version, where you can feel the fun and happiness that look forward to winter.

❄ Music “Ordinary Day” of “New ballad unit”


: A song with a retro soundtrack. The lyrics capture the depths of love with your partner, friends, family, and the people who have been by your side throughout the season. When you realize again that Every day is a special and precious day.

❄ Music “ZOOof Rap unit


: Hip-hop music with swag in a unique and independent way. which has a unique synth sound and upbeat tempo It will increase the heat while presenting an exotic charm.

❄ Music “Goodbye of SUNNY Girls’ Generation and JUNGWOO, RENJUN NCT

: A medium R&B pop song, where the sentimental lyrics of the year’s end combined with the warm vocals of the three artists add to the warm atmosphere of the song. hoping to be a special gift for fans

❄ Music “The Promise of H.O.T. (Jazz Ver.)

: A song that takes HOT’s hit song “The Promise of HOT” into Smooth Jazz with an orchestra.

The online concert is free. “SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA” To bring happiness and hope to everyone around the world who are facing hardships due to COVID-19. that long It is scheduled to be held on Saturday, January 1, 2022 from 11.00 Thai time onwards, and will be broadcast worldwide via SMTOWN YouTube / Beyond LIVE / TikTok / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Twitch. Get it again via the TrueID platform on the same day. From Thai time 18.00 hrs. onwards