Small and light sensor HUAWEI S-TAG | Digital Life Pioneer for run and golf swing form analysis

Announcing a unique small and lightweight sensor at HUAWEI’s new product launch HUAWEI S-TAG . By attaching it to shoes, waist, arms, etc.,Sensors that can be used for sports form analysisin.

For example, by wearing S-TAG on your legs and waist while running, as well as the monitoring data you can get with HUAWEI WATCH,

Vertical dynamic ratio, landing effect, GCT balance, contact time, glide timeYou can get specialist data such as

13 items from a running form indexcan be obtained.
A running-specific smartwatch HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner when combined withProvides training data and tips such as running performance index, training load, fatigue level, recovery time, aerobic and anaerobic training intensity, and training indexcan.

feet and

Wear S-TAG on your waist.

Golf swing analysis without camera recordingThis S-TAG can also be used for

technocraft companyapp”swing analysis” in collaboration with.S-TAGorHUAWEI WATCH Ultimateon your arm, put your smartphone in your pocket, and swing.Various data such as backswing, hip twist, hip angle of impact, maximum turn, arm acceleration, hip speed, etc. can be checked, recorded and
It seems that there is no right answer for the swing, and that every person is different. By playing while collecting such data, you can recognize the difference between good times and bad times and promote skill improvement.

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In addition, we are considering using it for different sports and rehabilitation.

HUAWEI S-TAG will be released from 6/14. The expected market price is9,680 yen (tax included). The color is Silver Frost and it comes with two custom mounting clips.
HUAWEI Official Online StoreNow we start selling orders,Limited time only until 6/13and,A set of HUAWEI S-TAG and HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner at a campaign price of 29,800 yen(14,860 yen, which is more than the price of S-TAG alone, is a bargain!) You can buy it.



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