Small, heavy puncher “Gusjung” hopes to conquer “Franziska”, making a name following in the footsteps of “Stamp” in ONE Lumpini 4 fight

17 year old Muay Thai girl “Gusjung Fairtex” doubles fitness speed Get ready to finish the fight “Francisca Vera” in ONE Lumpini 4 fight

Gusjung Fairtex, another exciting female boxing star at ONE Lumpinee 4, revealed how she was preparing hard to show off her skills to fans in over 170 countries around the world. By intending to defeat a young boxer from Chile as “Francisca Vera” on Friday night, February 10, which will be broadcast live from the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) from 7:30 pm onwards.

Gusjang against Francisca

“Kus Chang” whose real name is Ratchadaphon Laosombat, a young girl from Buriram. He started boxing at the age of 10 by hiding from his family to hide alone in a boxing gym near the special school for 3 months before asking his father’s permission to start boxing seriously.

After training with his older brother, now known as “Pradetsuek Fairtex” for only 3 days, “Gasjung” had the opportunity to enter the ring for the first time and win.

Gasjung Fairtex

When the first battle was successful, the family encouraged “Gus-Chan” to fully pursue his dream. I came to compete in Pattaya And the results are so desperate that they are booked together with “Fairtex”, a famous boxing camp in Pattaya. before his brother joined later Along with choosing to study in the non-formal education (NFE) curriculum in order to be able to split the time for boxing sparring at the same time.

Currently, “Gas-chan”, aged 17, has been in the ring more than 70 times until he got a big chance. To be one of the female boxers who will be fighting in ONE Lumpinee 4, despite being a skilled boxer who usually fights in a defensive style rather than walking But is willing to adapt the style to suit more fans sports by preparing a punch to fight With a senior female boxer joining the camp as “Stamp Fairtex” as a model and giving advice in this fight as well

Gasjung Fairtex

“When I learned that I was going to fight ONE Lumpinee, I was very excited and very happy. because I am a skilled boxer Defensive style, especially in ONE Lumpinee, he only chooses a few pairs of female boxers to fight. This fight, I do not intend to retreat. will be the biggest punch of fun Let the audience like it.

“I have a Pi Stamp as a model. He is disciplined, very hardworking, when he fights, he performs well in every fight. In this struggle, my elder brother gave me advice on how to weigh and measure the water level. and he told me to punch a lot too.”

by “Gus-chan” also reveals that she doubles the training program more than before and plans to solve the game together with the trainer Get ready to deal with “Francisca”, a female boxer from Chile who fully armored and has a larger structure. Confident that her weapons are as heavy as anyone else’s and hoping to win this bout.

“This time, I trained twice as hard. o already heavy As for the competitors, as far as I saw him compete, Franciska has quite a heavy weapon. But it rarely covers the left shin. I think I will focus on the left leg as well. for him to be more I would not hit him directly. I think I can fight. nothing to fear Because I’m sure my fists are heavy too. I want to be the winning side.”

For ONE Lumpini 4 battle, ready to explode the fun! by Thai sports fans can book tickets at the stadium via The first pair start at 7:30 pm and broadcast live on Channel 7HD from 8:30 pm

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