In the past week, smallpox or monkeypox is another disease that causes concern in many countries around the world. because the infection has begun to spread in many areas The symptoms are similar to chickenpox. that can be transmitted from animal to person and from person to person Knowing how to prevent and treat the infection early on is another way to stop the infection from spreading to others.

30 May 2022 – Dr. Panphit Suwannakul, Infectious Disease Specialist internal medicine department Bangkok Hospital said that smallpox or smallpox is a virus in the same family as human chickenpox or smallpox, and at present, more than 100 people are infected in about 20 countries around the world. It is a country in Africa, Europe, America and Australia. It is a virus that comes from rodents such as hedgehogs, squirrels, rats, rabbits, etc., until it is found in monkeys. It can be transmitted through contact with secretions such as saliva, lymph, pus or blood. After exposure, the infection takes 7-14 days to incubate, with symptoms such as aches, back pains, headaches, eye pain, and fever. 4-5 days will have a rash on the body which cannot determine where the rash will appear first Because each infected person will have different rashes. Some people are up on the front page. Some people climb on the back or on the first. The first symptom is a red rash. Subsequently, it becomes a clear blister, pustule, and ultimately a scab. The infected person has mild symptoms and can heal on its own in 3 weeks, with the most likely to be infected are young children. and not a sexually transmitted disease but can spread the infection during sex

There is no cure for this disease. But those vaccinated against smallpox in humans can also protect against monkeypox. And there is no way to determine whether or not you have been vaccinated against smallpox before. And now there is a Danish biotechnology company. It is the sole manufacturer of the smallpox vaccine that is currently approved by many countries around the world, and more than 20 countries have pre-ordered the vaccine. Smallpox can be prevented by wearing a mask, washing your hands, keeping distance, and not eating undercooked wildlife. and do not bring wild animals to feed If there is an infection, isolate yourself for at least 3 weeks or until recovered.

At this time, the cooperation of those who will enter Thailand from the country of origin must be sought from these countries. that the information should be provided accordingly Whether there are symptoms or not, should not be concealed, and if symptoms occur, if there is an itchy rash or a blister that occurs on the body, it should not be scratched or carved because it will cause scars that are difficult to cure. Therefore, the Bangkok Hospital Therefore, they are aware of the aforementioned disease and are prepared to prevent and cope in order to access treatment in the future.

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