‘Smanpa’ 8 crew, hot face-to-face appearances in ‘Swoopa Reunion’

The 8 crew of ‘Street Man Fighter’, which will be aired in August, cast a hot face-to-face appearance with a guest appearance on ‘Swoopacon’.

On the 10th, the second day of the ‘Swoopa Reunion Concert’ was held at SK Handball Stadium in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

On this day’s performance, the 8 crew of ‘Swoopa’, who became a K-Perform icon, showed the stage breathing, and the guest stage of the 8 crew of ‘Sman’ who will become a new icon was reflected.

As if considering the ‘global k-dance mission’, △We Dam Boys △One Million △Bank to Brothers △How is it △YGX △Ambicious △Just Jerk △Prime Kings, etc. The intense appearance of the 8 crew was enough to renew the interest of not only on-site audiences but also Teabing viewers.

We Dam Boys said, “Please look forward to our emerging young and trendy stage to prove our skills,” and 1Million said, “I will show you why the best choreographer, Crew 1Million, is 1MILLION.”

Bank to Brothers and How’d you say, “We’ll show you our own deep hip-hop” and “We’ll show you our own colorful style” respectively.

'Smanpa' 8 crew, hot face-to-face appearances in 'Swoopa Reunion'

Ambicious and YGX said, “We will show various synergies like a crew of the best dancers in each field”, “We will show our team that encompasses the concept, digestibility, and visuals as well as their own dance skills.”

Prime Kings and Just Jerk said, “There is always pressure from the world’s best modifier, but there are still many stages we want to show. Please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Mnet’s ‘Street Man Fighter’ is gathering interest along with the ‘Global K-Dance Mission’ being developed on YouTube, ahead of its airing in August.

Correspondent Dong-seon Park, Electronic Newspaper Internet (dspark@etnews.com)

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