‘Smartphone addiction’ is no longer a business… 7 ways to improve


In an era where everything is possible with a smartphone. There is even a word called ‘Phono Sapiens’, which is a compound word of smartphone and Homo sapiens. However, using it usefully and being addicted to the extent that it interferes with daily life are two different things. Psychology Today, an American health information site, introduced 7 ways to improve smartphone addiction.

1. Find a hobby that uses your hands

The more activities that move your hands, such as sewing, cooking, drawing, or writing in a journal, the less time you hold your phone in your hand. In the Hidak Q&A, Director Jeong Geon (Jung Geon Yonsei Psychiatry Clinic), a counselor in the Department of Mental Health at Hidak, emphasized that “instead of computers and mobile phones, you should find things that you can be interested in.”

2. Keep your distance from your smartphone

At first, the time when you are not using your cell phone is awkward and inconvenient. If you have used your smartphone every time you take a break or take a break, then there is no choice but to do so. However, if you form a habit of resting in other ways, such as a light walk, exercise, or reading, you can spend time without a smartphone. Director Jeong Geon said in the Hidak Q&A, “If you continue to use a computer or smartphone, you become addicted.

3. Set Airplane Mode

Airplane mode blocks not only internet data, but also calls and text messages. In other words, the main function of the smartphone itself is stopped. Therefore, if you set your smartphone to airplane mode for a targeted amount of time, you can improve your ability to control the time you use your smartphone. In particular, if you are a student, it is good to set it to airplane mode when you are studying at school or cram school, or if you are an office worker, when you are working at work. Except, of course, when you need to use your mobile phone for work.

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4. Get help from the Smartphone Addiction Prevention Center

Smartphone addiction is a phenomenon in which lifestyles are disrupted due to excessive use of smartphones. In other words, despite experiencing physical, psychological, and social problems due to smartphones, it is impossible to control the frequency of use of mobile phones. If you know there’s a problem with your compulsive behavior, but it doesn’t fix it, you should seek professional help. You can get help by calling the ‘Smart Rest Center’, an Internet addiction prevention counseling center.

5. Silence your phone

Unless continuous contact is required for work or study, it is recommended that you set your smartphone to silent and put it out of sight. When an alarm sounds or the smartphone is in sight, your eyes will turn to the phone even if you are concentrating on your work. The same goes for meals with family and meetings with friends. As the number of times we look at our smartphones increases, the time we spend focusing on each other decreases, and conflicts inevitably arise.

6. Meditate

Like the methods mentioned above, meditation also breaks the addiction to a smartphone. Meditation reduces the frequency of thinking about your smartphone by helping you focus fully on that moment. Not only that, but it also slows down the autonomic nervous system, calming the mind and reducing compulsive behaviors. Meditating along with exercise is also a good way. In the Hidak Q&A, exercise expert Jeong Woon-kyung explained, “Meditating is often boring, but it is more effective when you meditate with yoga or Pilates.”

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7. Put your smartphone in another room when you sleep

If you look at your smartphone before going to bed, most of you fall asleep late. In addition, there are days when I waste time looking at my smartphone even when I wake up in the middle of the night or wake up in the morning. Heo Jeong-won (Jamiwon Oriental Medicine Clinic), a Hidak oriental medicine consultant, said in the Hidak column, “If you use a smartphone before going to sleep, the blue light from the smartphone stimulates the eyes and affects the autonomic nervous system.” “It is definitely time to sleep, but the brain The secretion of sleep hormones does not occur normally because it creates the illusion of day instead of night.” Due to this, when the quality of sleep decreases, fatigue accumulates and daily life becomes difficult, and the probability of exposure to various diseases such as decreased vision, headache, and neck disc increases. That’s why you shouldn’t look at your smartphone before going to bed. To prevent this, place your smartphone outside the bedroom so that it does not disturb your sleep. You can also purchase an alarm clock separately.

Do you want to know if you are addicted to your smartphone?

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Smart Rest CenterYou can check the results, and the results are classified into high risk/potential risk/general user group. Adolescents and adults perform the test by themselves, and for infants, a parent or teacher conducts the test to diagnose addiction.

Help = Hidak Counseling Doctor, Director Jeong Geon (Jung Geon Yonsei Psychiatry Specialist, Department of Psychiatry)
Hidak Consulting Doctor Heo Jung-won
Hidak exercise counseling Jung Woon-kyung (exercise expert)

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