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[smartPC사랑=이백현 기자] If you enjoy high-end mobile games like ‘Genshin’ on your smartphone, you will face various problems. As the smartphone gets hotter, holding it for a long time can be cumbersome or cause low temperature burns. The battery is also a problem for long-time enjoyment, but if you enjoy games with high options, the capacity will run out quickly. My hands are sweaty and uncomfortable to the touch. The smartphone cooler is a product that came out to solve this situation, but how effective is it?

Smartphone game environment, heat is the key

If you want to ‘seriously’ enjoy the game in a mobile environment, most of the problems you face come from heat. Heat is a problem that more hardcore gamers feel, and it’s not a big problem if you enjoy the game for 10 or 20 minutes, but if you enjoy it for more than two or three hours, you need to charge it, and charge wires to additional heat. If you keep playing the game for such a long time, you have no choice but to stop playing the game eventually when charging and playing the game doesn’t work properly. A smartphone cooler is useful in this case.

First, let’s look at how much heat affects smartphone performance. We used the 3DMark Wildlife stress test, a benchmark tool for 3DMark mobile devices, which is often used as a graphics card benchmark tool on a PC. The smartphone used is the iPhone 14 Pro 256GB model, and the iOS version is 16.1.2. The purpose of the Wildlife Stress Test is to calculate how much a smartphone’s performance degrades each time by repeating the QHD graphics 1 minute test section 20 times.

Wildlife Stress Test

Graphical screen when the benchmark tool is running
As a result of the stress test on the iPhone 14 Pro without a case, the performance score of the first round, which received the highest score, was 9,903 points, and the performance score of the 20th round, which received the worst score, was 6,871 points, confirms the decline in performance due to a trigger of 69.4%.
This is the result of a stress test when charging by connecting the C to Lightning cable to a 28W charger. Once again, the first round had the highest score with 9,891 points, and the 16th round, which showed the lowest performance, had recorded 5,719 points, confirming that the performance had dropped to 57.8%.

Looking at the results of the benchmark run while charging, unlike the first round, which almost maintained 60 frames, the 16th round, which showed the lowest score, showed a frame reduction of almost half to 30 40 frames. Therefore, it shows that heat generation has a huge impact on performance, and that heat generated by charging is a factor that cannot be ignored.

Then, what about when a smartphone cooler is applied?

Coolers on the market can be classified into several types, and can be classified according to whether a magnet attachment method (MagSafe) is applied or not, and whether a Peltier element is applied. A Peltier element is a semiconductor element that rapidly transfers heat electrically. Although the contact surface can be cooled quickly, more heat is generated in the heat sink and as a result it uses more power, which requires a wired connection.

The three products to be considered are products distributed in Korea by Joytron, and were provided for this test. There are many foreign products in the smartphone cooler product line, and there are very few domestically distributed products, but it is recommended to buy domestically distributed products as much as possible as they have ensured reliability by obtaining KC certification.

twin ice zoytron

First of all, ‘Joytron Dual Ice’ uses a Peltier element and does not use a magnet attachment method. It is a product that has two cooling fans, and the contact surface that comes into direct contact with the back of the smartphone is made of metal. The tripod has a standard 1/4 screw hole and a ball type head that can be combined with the screw hole, making it compatible with other ball type holders.

Wildlife stress test without charge. The highest score was 9,889 points in the first round, and the lowest score was 8,746 points in the 17th round, maintaining 88.4% of the performance.
Wildlife stress test while charging. The highest score was 9,894 points in the first round, and the lowest score was 8,579 points in the seventh round, maintaining 86.7% performance.

As a result of the benchmark, it can be seen that although there is a performance drop of about 1% depending on whether it is charged or not, it maintains a significant part of the performance of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Zoytron Flydigi B5X

The next cooler to check out is the ‘FlyDigi B5X’ smartphone cooler with Peltier element and magnet attachment method (MagSafe), which is officially imported and distributed by Joytron. It is a self-adhesive method, and the contact surface is treated with rubber packing to protect the back of the smartphone. As a unique feature of this product, it is possible to detect the temperature of the radiator and control the speed of the fan through a Bluetooth connection. Connecting a power supply of 18W or higher activates the fan’s overclock mode.

Flydigi B5X Wildlife stress test without charging. He maintained a performance of 88.2% with an initial score of 9,906 and a minimum score of 8.741.
The test was performed while charging. It maintained a performance of 86.7% with a high of 9,909 points and a low of 8,587 points.

As a result of the benchmark, it was confirmed that there is a difference that the dual ice contact surface is metal/rubber, but there is not much difference in actual performance.

Air Cooled Joytron

The last cooler to look at is the ‘Zytron Air Cool’, a wireless product that does not use a Peltier element and is attached in the form of a suction plate. As long as the Peltier element is not applied, it can be used wirelessly, and the fan cools the back of the smartphone directly. The battery has a capacity of 500 mA and can adjust the air volume in three steps. Since it is a wireless product, the advantage is that it can be easily used outdoors.

Joytron Aircool stress test without charging. He maintained a performance of 88.5% with an initial score of 9,909 and a minimum score of 8,774.
In the charging progress test, it maintained a performance of 87.8% with an initial score of 9,911 and a minimum score of 8,699.

The benchmark results were somewhat surprising, as directly cooling the back of the phone without a Peltier element or radiator showed significant efficiency. Although within the margin of error, he showed the highest score regardless of whether he was charged or not.


When using the cooler, it was confirmed that there was little difference depending on the contact surface material or cooling method. It should be noted that the back of the iPhone 14 Pro used in the test is made of stainless steel, which is a material that dissipates heat relatively smoothly. In the case of a method that uses only a cooling fan, the effect of the backing material or the presence or absence of a case can be significant.

However, the smartphone cooler has been confirmed to significantly improve the throttle due to heat in any way. It’s quite rare for an existing mobile game to load a smartphone as much as ‘Wildlife Stress Test’, so using a smartphone cooler will allow you to enjoy the game in a slightly cooler environment.

On the other hand, other than a cooler, accessories like a smartphone thimble are useful when enjoying a pleasant game, so let’s use an appropriate smartphone accessory for the situation.

Joytron Flydigi WASP Filler 5 smartphone thimble
Joytron Flydigi WASP Filler 5 smartphone thimble
When playing a smartphone game for a long time, using a smartphone thimble also helps to enjoy the game comfortably.
When playing a smartphone game for a long time, using a smartphone thimble also helps to create a comfortable environment.

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