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“Smash Bros. SP” last fighter “Sora” distribution started. A light key blade user who participated in “Kingdom Hearts” –AUTOMATON

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On October 19, Nintendo started distributing update Ver.13.0.0 for “Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros. SPECIAL” (hereinafter referred to as “Smash Bros. SP”). Added Sora as the last fighter. Sora will participate by purchasing the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 for 3300 yen including tax, which includes 6 additional fighters, or the fighter alone for 662 yen including tax. From the “Kingdom Hearts” series, it will be fully released.

Sora is a fighter who fights using the key blade, which is synonymous with the character. It has strengths in jumping distance and flight time, and controls aerial battles with its lightness as a weapon. In addition, when an attack hits, it is a special specification that a special hit effect in the shape of a star appears. Light attack, horizontal strong attack, normal aerial attack, and front aerial attack are derived from combo technique by pressing and holding the button repeatedly. There are things that are useful as tactics while respecting the original, such as Sonic Rave that rushes in each direction up to 3 times by stick input. The last trump card seems to be the same as the one introduced in “How to use Sora” the other day.

Along with the addition of Sora, additional stage Hollow Bastion and 9 familiar BGM songs from the “Kingdom Hearts” series have been added. The post-battle victory production BGM is arranged by Yoko Shimomura, who handles the music for the series.

“Smash Bros. SP” with the addition of Sora, the last fighter to participate in the war. The balance of existing characters has also been adjusted on a large scale, and even without the addition of fighters, it seems that the work will still be enjoyable. “Smash Bros. SP” is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

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