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Smash the stats! Pattani out of control, 644 new infections, 2 sacrifices

by news dir

On October 14, 2021, reporters reported that Covid-19 epidemic situation in the area of ​​Pattani Province continues to spread and unable to control the situation The number of infected people as of Oct. 13 saw 644 more cases, breaking another record. From the previous record, the highest was 566, with 2 new deaths, making the current total of 28,224 cases, 17,408 recoveries and 339 cumulative deaths, while Pattani province continues to move forward with Pfizer vaccination. with students and the general public continuously Along with the ATK test, the covids infected in the green group The province therefore allows such groups to do HOME ISOLATION or isolate themselves at home. to prevent the field hospitals from being full or congestion

As for the cause of the high number of infections found Because it was found that some people were still infected by participating in activities and have not reported themselves. causing the infection to expand rapidly Even everyone showed symptoms one by one. causing public health in Pattani Province to eradicate COVID-19 by ordering Public health officers and VHV perform ATK proactive testing in villages in all areas. with a thorough examination of the person whether it is from the sound area or not or have been grouped with people who have been infected before

The reporter also reported that a new cluster was found at Baan Un Ai Rak. or drug treatment center, Yaring District, Pattani Province After some people were found infected with COVID-19 which the Pattani Provincial Public Health Office Ordered to have Bubble and Seal immediately and the rope was stretched. and to test each person one more time by drug treatment center There are more than 100 teenagers and adults, and if found to have severe symptoms, they will be separated for treatment at the hospital. However, such a cluster is now able to control the situation.

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