Home Business SME D Bank joins CP All to help Thai SMEs sell their products through Seven-Eleven stores.

SME D Bank joins CP All to help Thai SMEs sell their products through Seven-Eleven stores.

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SME D Bank joins hands with CP All to support Thai SMEs to increase income Reduce the impact of COVID-19, organize the project “Increase SME Distribution Channel”, offering opportunities to sell products through Seven-Eleven stores and various CP ALL channels, both offline and online. Selection 26 Apr-31 May.

On April 22, 2021, Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that from the epidemic situation of COVID-19 Impact on Thai SME entrepreneurs severely

Bank as a state-owned financial institution for Thai SMEs Therefore, in cooperation with CP All Public Company Limited (CP All), organized the project “Increase SME Distribution Channel” to create opportunities for SME entrepreneurs who are SME D Bank customers and interested entrepreneurs. Both natural persons and legal entities to select products for sale through CP ALL’s various marketing channels, both offline and online, whether it is a Seven Eleven (7-11) stores nationwide, All Online , Twenty Four Shopping and Pharmacy Xta Plus

At the same time, it is open to a wide variety of products Whether it is a consumer product Health products, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc. by having a unique and unique product. There is a production capacity that is sufficient to meet the needs. And manufacturing processes that meet standards, such as receiving standards from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), production safety mark, world-class standards such as GMP or Halal food standard mark, etc.

By interested operators You can apply online by clicking https://qrgo.page.link/dyFfa or scan the QR Code on the promotional poster. From April 26-May 31, 2021, then will continue to enter the selection process. For more information, call the Call Center, tel. 1357.

“SME D Bank is well aware of the frustrations that SME operators are experiencing from COVID-19 in the past. Both financial aspects along with business potential enhancement This cooperation with CP ALL is one of the marketing assistance.

CP All has a high market potential from a comprehensive network. Making SME products all over the country Can be delivered directly to consumers Help to increase income, increase sales, maintain employment. Help businesses move past the COVID-19 situation, ”said Ms. Nartnari.

Mr. Yuthasak Phoomsurakul, Managing Director (Co) of CP All Public Company Limited, the executive of Seven Eleven and Seven Delivery, said the company has an important policy to support SME entrepreneurs to grow sustainably In the past, the company has always promoted SMEs through various networks as a marketing channel for SME entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to sell their products to Consumed directly through Seven-Eleven stores nationwide, as well as the company’s online channels such as All Online and Twenty Four Shopping.

In addition, the operators that have been selected. It will be suggested to develop products to meet the needs of consumers. In terms of quality, taste, packaging, as well as production processes This gives entrepreneurs the potential to increase, have good sales and have the opportunity to grow into a large company in the future.

“There are many types of SME products that are distributed in CP ALL channels, which have continued to gain popularity with consumers such as fruit, processed fruit, beverage, bakery, dessert. Sweet and beauty products, etc. ”said Mr. Yuthasak.

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