SME D Bank launches ‘Contractor Liquidity Enhancement Loan’, up to 15 million baht per person

Today’s news SME D Bank launches “Contractor Liquidity Enhancement Loan Project” with a total credit line of 1,000 million baht, borrowing up to 15 million baht per person Highlights its strengths as a top-up capital, suitable for the contractor’s actual business operations. In the form of a revolving loan in a package (Total Solution) coupled with a short-term loan amount (P/N) can be disbursed up to 50% of any work period. Along with topping up more in the form of factoring credit limit

by purchasing trade accounts receivable or transfer the right to the bank up to 90% of the trade debt Help operators have sufficient liquidity. Get work continuously without interruption, have funds to use to move forward the business Seize opportunities from government policies that promote SMEs access to government procurement worth more than 1.3 trillion baht per year.

In addition, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) has taken advantage of the Bank of Thailand’s (BOT) waiver of mortgage supervision policy that will help stimulate the real estate sector. causing investment in new projects in late 2021, continuing until 2022

Ms. Nartnaree Rattaphat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that for properties The borrower is a juristic person Has been in business for at least 1 year, open to both old and new customers. Maximum loan amount of 15 million baht per person Initial interest rate MLR+1.0% per annum, open for loan applications until December 30, 2022.

from the spread of COVID-19 Especially in the middle of the past 2021, it affects the business operations of construction contractors in project management. especially the management of construction labor including the problem of higher wages Camp management to reduce risks Cost of steel and building materials All result in higher operating costs and expenses as well. As a result, the construction project may not go as planned. leading to job abandonment and termination of employment.”

In addition, the problems of the construction sector It also affects a chain to all those involved in construction work, including the government, the public, the construction material sector. machinery and transportation, while all construction business There are more than 136,000 entrepreneurs with economic value accounting for 8-9% of the country’s gross domestic product.


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