Snacks and Drinks: The Popular Choices for Highway Travelers During the Holidays

Highway Travelers Seek Snacks and Drinks for Comfort

During the holiday season, it appears that individuals are in search of snacks to combat boredom while traveling back to their hometowns along the highway. On the other hand, when returning home, drinks are preferred to alleviate fatigue.

CU Convenience Store Analyzes Sales Patterns

CU convenience store has recently released findings from their analysis of sales data collected from approximately 30 highway rest area stores during the Lunar New Year and Chuseok periods last year. The study has revealed interesting disparities between the popular products sold on the inbound and outbound routes.

Snacks emerged as the top-selling category in rest areas on the route out of Seoul to various regions, accounting for 18% of the total product sales. Following closely behind were coffee (12.4%), desserts (8.4%), bottled water (7.5%), and ice cream (6.9%). These results suggest that people often choose to indulge in boredom-relieving snacks and hunger-satisfying treats during long car rides.

Gapyeong Rest Area Shines in Fruit Sales

Among the nationwide stores, the downline branch of Gapyeong Rest Area secured the top position in sales of easy-to-enjoy cupped and washed fruits. This highlights the popularity of convenient fruit options among weary travelers.

Coffee Takes the Lead on Homeward Journeys

Once the holiday season comes to an end and individuals start their journey back home, coffee sales take center stage. In fact, coffee accounted for the highest percentage of sales at 22.6% during inbound flights. Additionally, functional drinks like energy drinks and hangover remedies claimed 15.8% of the sales, followed by bottled water (11.5%), snacks (8.8%), and carbonated drinks (6.7%). These beverages are favored for their ability to combat fatigue and hangovers.

Relief for Fatigue and Overeating Discomfort

It seems that fatigue is a common issue for travelers on the way home, as sales of anti-fatigue tablets and digestive aids proved to be quite high. These products aim to alleviate the exhaustion and discomfort caused by overeating during the holiday season.

Higher Activity at Rest Areas on the Outbound Route

Interestingly, store sales and customer numbers were approximately 25% higher at rest areas on the up line compared to those on the down line. This indicates that individuals make more frequent stops at rest areas on their journey home rather than during their departure. Perhaps this can be attributed to the desire for one last break before reaching their final destination.

Photo by: CU

It seems that people are looking for snacks to relieve boredom when leaving for their home town on the highway for the holidays, and drinks to relieve fatigue when returning home.

Today (28th) CU convenience store announced that, as a result of analyzing the sales of about 30 highway rest area stores during the Lunar New Year and Chuseok period last year, there was a difference in popular products on the up and down lines.

In rest areas on the line out of Seoul to other regions, snacks accounted for the highest share of total product sales at 18%.

Coffee (12.4%) came in second in terms of sales, followed by desserts (8.4%), bottled water (7.5%), and ice cream (6.9%).

As people spend a lot of time in the car during long-distance trips during the holidays, snacks that relieve boredom and hunger seem to have become popular.

Gapyeong Rest Area’s downline branch ranked first among stores nationwide in selling easy-to-enjoy cupped and washed fruits.

Coffee sales (22.6%) were highest on inbound flights returning home after the holidays.

Functional drinks, such as energy drinks and hangover drinks that help relieve holiday fatigue and hangovers, accounted for 15.8% of sales, followed by bottled water (11.5%), snacks (8.8%), and carbonated drinks (6.7%).

On the way home, sales of anti-fatigue tablets to relieve fatigue and digestive tasks to ease the discomfort caused by overeating were also high.

In addition, sales and customer numbers were approximately 25% higher in stores on the up line than on the down line, so it was found that people stopped by rest areas more often on the way home than on the way home.

(Photo = Provided by CU, Yonhap News)

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