Snapchat captures a fatal shooting video outside of Georgia's gas station

Deadly shooting was recorded by customers in the County Hall gas station that was running for coverage on Snapchat, reporting News Action Channel 2.

QuikTrip started a witness inside his car at Gainesville Highway from I-985 and recorded to the cellphone app when he saw a man applying for another vehicle parked near the convenience store and pulling out a gun. The camera was rolling when the authorities said that the man put some bundles into the car around 1:15 a.m. Sunday.

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After a woman jumped out of the car and worked for help, the video showed that the gunman was opening the door of the car and fire at least six more shots, and the news station reported. I believe that the County Hheriff Sheriff Investigators are focused on the man.

The unidentified victim was taken to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Said a woman who ran her son and put it hidden when the shooting began. She asked her to recognize her.

"He said he was standing at the counter and heard hear hearings," said the woman. "That's when they go back to the head. At that point when the girl came out of the vehicle, screaming, & Help! Help! & # 39;"

Immediately the time the alleged shooting came. After that he was in custody at his house in Canton. His identity was not issued.

The fatal shooting is the latest due to violent crimes in County Hall. In the last five weeks, there were four other adventures of gun violence in Gainesville city alone. Two of these incidents were fatal, Chief Jay Parrish Police Gainesville said.


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"We understand your alarms and concerns about your safety in this city," said Parrish in a video uploading a ceiling to the department's Facebook page. "We know that random acts of violence are not the same for Gainesville, Georgia."

On Thursday, a prominent man and man-man Jack Hough, 73, shot a great deal and was waiting for his wife outside of CVS from Park Hill Drive. Police DeMarvin Bennett, who is 24 years old, suspects, morning morning in the morning.

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In capturing it, the police closed three of the four open cases. In 19 Desta Street handhelds were not engaged. Parrish said Friday's investigators are working "around an hour."

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