Snapchat referees gets Oshkosh viral man win on Cowboys


Kevin Speigl's image succeeded from Packers-Cowboys game, October 8, 2017 onwards. (Photo: All the Football Snapchat)

Kevin Speigl drove all the way home from Dallas before he knew he could become a viral virus.

The Oshkosh family had traveled with friends, including Cowboys fans, to AT&T Stadium in Dallas to see his packer in October 8, 2017. The Packers go back to Dallas on October 6th for the first time since that evening, an impressive 35-31 win on landing at Davante Adams took 11 seconds on the clock.

Speigl's road trip was terminated as a big story, and not just about the Packers.

He got stuck in his Clay Matthews jumper and mastered a mustache which was like a rear-racing Aaron Rodgers, Speigl and his friends got seats near the back of the building.

"I try to do at least two games a year," said Speigl. "I'm going through work every day and so there are usually extra tickets … … I don't usually go to games away."

Speigl's fun and playful moment captured on Snapchat was shared across social media. It's the job No. 1 on the Green Bay Packers on Reddit, a message board of 120,000 subscribed members, with more than 30,000 votes.

With 1:13 to go, Dak Prescott chased for a house that gave the lead, 31-28 for Cowboys. After that score, Speigl took a picture of himself with a conscious smile on his face as Cowboys fans were celebrating in the background. His message: "They are celebrating with 1:13 in the fourth lmao …"

The implication: There is no worry, Rodgers have enough time to come back.

"It was a bit of Miller Lite and a lot of confidence in our quarterback," Speigl said. "It is a good mix, about 50/50."

Confidence awarded by driving landing

Maybe you remember what came to us.

Rodgers completed a 14 yard pass to Martellus Bennett who placed 47 seconds left in Dallas Parade. Aaron Jones ran for 15 yards to the Dallas 32, but when he ran to 2 yards at 2 and 10, the Packers used their final time period.

Rodgers then ran for 18 yards for the third time to the Dallas 12. After a full pass to Davante Adams, Rodgers drove the ball to 16 seconds left and went back to the same counterpart and found Adams on a 12 yard landing. It is one of Rodgers' most memorable seasons moments.

Dallas tried a final gasp on his own 25 with a lateral set that didn't go anywhere. The Packers moved to 4-1 with the win, although the south season went to Rodgers' injury the following week, and the Packers finished the year at 7-9.

Speigl saw that it is all coming.

"It started as a video, and I sent it to the story of the stadium (Snapchat)," he said. "One has to see it there; I was just happy to do that. One has to screenshot and send it around."

It is not unusual for stadiums or sites to offer these social media channels, where users can put their images into a slide show of fans' experiences essentially. It is ironic that Snapchat – a medium created with the intention of offering a place that would lapse within 24 hours – is on the platform that promoted Speigl's confidence.

"I think we got home probably the morning morning, and I went to bed," Speigl said. "I woke up the next day and I had a few text messages, one person was saying, 'Did you know you're blowing up on Instagram?' I don't think, because I don't (I have an Instagram account) 'I said I had another person on the main subject on Reddit.

"I thought, 'That's cool, he'll go in a few hours."

Was not.

Some of them get a little strange

The native people of Oshkosh, Kevin Speigl (left) and Mike Frost are from their seats at AT & T Stadium in Dallas on October 8, 2017. (Photo: Photo submitted)

Speigl has Facebook, but he found that he had to turn off notices that week because he had so many requests, including people he didn't know.

"He was going crazy," he said. "There were people I didn't talk to in those years saying, 'So you know, I saw you."

Some of the comments he said were strange, even with good intentions.

"Someone said they had to blow the picture and put it in their living room, which would upset me," he said with a smile. "Someone is going to put my face in her living room, someone they never met? Many of them wanted how I came alive. There's no big story there. Everyone in Texas is so nice, it was like Everyone was so polite, and they could make a little razz for you, and you could get a razz back. "

Speigl, operations coordinator for WOW Logistics warehousing company in Oshkosh, said some of the friends said he had to keep the mustache.

"There were stupid things so I had already done with the facial hair, but I wanted to go ahead with Rodgers classic celebration," he said. "I thought it would be kind of funny to do it and my friend did the same thing, asking for the celebratory dish at Jerryworld."

He got rid of him, although he said today that he grew back – “just just mustache” this time.

Speigl said that his confidence in Rodgers and the Packers is not getting worse despite years back with no fun tree.

"I am confident of every game, but obviously last year was not great," he said. "It's one of those things where your team is and you have to be confident that they will have to win it. If you accept that they lose, there is nothing to watch."

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