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SNK TGS2021 Online special website is open! This time the protagonist is KOF XV! -funglr Games

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by”Still, we have a game.(Game continues)” as the theme, will beSeptember 30, 2021 (Thu) ~ October 3, 2021 (Sun)Japan’s largest video game festival held “Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online” (hereinafter referred to as: TGS2021 Online)
Time really flies, and it has come to the end of September in a blink of an eye. TGS2021 Online will debut in 2 weeks.
Exhibitors also published their exhibits one by one, and published special websites, which made everyone look forward to the arrival of the video game exhibition.
Of course it is indispensable among the many exhibitorsOur SNK
SNK also unveiled a website specially set up for TGS2021 Online!

Special programs featuring KOF XV will be broadcast!

[TGS2021 SNK]KOF XV Special Program

In the public SNK’s TGS2021 Online special site, we will introduce TGS2021 Online’sOfficial showOn-site exhibitionActivityWait for information.
And SNK will also be on the first day of the Game ShowSeptember 30, 2021 (4) Japan time 13:00Appeared in the official program of TGS2021 Online!
The most important program content will be to convey the latest KOF series “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV“(Hereinafter referred to as: KOF XV) is based on the latest information. The show is “[TGS2021 SNK]KOF XV Special Program」!
Disclosing the information of KOF XV is the most important thing, but this time with the popular fighting game show “Fighting game cafe Saddle Jun“Coming together!
There is a live commentary in the show that everyone is familiar withSaddle.Mr. Miss(@hameko), Golden Bomber-like Be-suJun Utahiroba(@junjunmjgirl), the development staff and KOF top players will appear together!
Will bring youRole announcementIntroducing the game systemWill be exposed for the first timeReal machine playWait for content full of the charm of KOF XV!
What appears in the trailer is also the new character that appeared in the trailer. Is this new character finally announced? It’s really exciting!
The program can be watched on the official YouTube channel of Tokyo Game Show or SNK’s official YouTube channel!
Remember to subscribe to the channel and wait for it to be broadcast!

Experience KOF XV in offline venues!


TGS2021 Online is exclusively for media and Internet celebritiesOffline venue, Various manufacturers are also expected to launch live display activities that can be actually contacted and played.
SNK of course also exhibited in offline venues, but it turned outA playable version of KOF XV is released!
Only available to Internet celebritiesKOF XV is the first to play in the universechance! It’s enviable!
Even if you can’t actually visit the site, you can also watch the KOF XV real machine game screen and information through the SNS of media and Internet celebrities.
Trial event will beSeptember 30, 2021 (4) Japan time 14:00Start.

Participate in commemorative activities!

TGS exhibition commemorative event
TGS exhibition commemorative event

SNK is to commemorate the participation in TGS2021 Online to hold the opportunity to win luxury prizesTwitter activity
Lucky winners will be drawn from the participants to get an appearance in the official showSaddle.Mr. Jun Utahiroba KOF XV Inahara SokaihoandKOF XV original design Quo card + postcardWait for super rare prizes!
Event participation method is trackingSNK JAPAN official Twitter(@SNKPofficial_jp), the retweet activity Twitter is now completed!

5 winnersAcquirable Saddle.Mr. Jun Utahiroba KOF XV Inahara Sokaiho, extra10 winnersGet KOF XV original design Quo cards and postcards!
Activities until the last day of TGS2021 OnlineOctober 3, 2021 (Sun) 23:59 Japan time
Please refer to the special website of SNK TGS2021 Online to confirm the above details!

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