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–That masterpiece again with Nintendo Switch (TM)! ――Additional 30 pages, plus lots of fun such as monster challenge-Luxury collector’s edition such as Nick & Tom plush toy, reprint flyer, OST CD, strap, etc.-Manual book, 3 original stickers, etc.

“DAEWON MEDIA GAME LAB” cooperates with “CRT GAMES” to release the game “Snow Bros. Special” for Nintendo Switch ™ on May 19th, packaged version (collector’s edition, The download version (https://store-jp.nintendo.com/list/software/70010000050353.html) will be released on the regular version) and Nintendo eShop.

“Snow Bros.”, which appeared as an arcade game from Toaplan in 1990, has been ported to various home video game consoles and has been loved by people of all ages. You can meet the masterpiece “Snow Bros.” on Nintendo Switch ™ from today.

It has been upgraded while inheriting the cute design and operability from the original arcade version, so you should feel more fun and fun than the original. Also, since two players can play at the same time, you can enjoy it with your family and friends as if it were an arcade version.

In “Snow Bros. Special”, in addition to all 50 stages of the original arcade version, new bosses and new monsters have appeared in addition to the new 30 stages unique to the special, waiting for the player. In particular, the “Monster Challenge” mode, in which you select from the monsters that appear in the game and operate it as the main character, expands the range of fun and fun that “Snow Bros.” originally has, and further increases the volume of the game. Each monster has a special skill and the operation method is different, so it is recommended to play for each monster. It feels like you are playing a completely different game just in this “Monster Challenge” mode, and you can enjoy it even more. (* Monster Challenge is also sold separately as a D / L version. It is included in the package version.)

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Story … One day, King Achitch of the Kingdom of Hotda suddenly attacked Snowland, a peaceful country! Snowland’s twin princes Nick and Tom tried to stop it, but the curse of King Achitch made him a snowman, and even the twin princesses Puri Puri and Bubble Wrap were taken away. At this rate, all Snowland will melt away … The game begins with Nick and Tom embarking on a long journey to regain the peace of Snowland.

“Snow Bros. Special” will be released today on May 19th as a package version (normal version 3,960 yen, collector’s edition 8,960 yen) and a download version (1,960 yen) + Monster Challenge DLC (960 yen) at Nintendo eShop. The collector’s edition is packed with original goods such as the main characters Nick & Tom’s stuffed animals, reprint flyers and instruction cards, original art books, original soundtrack CDs, stickers, and key rings, and is a must-see for fans. The regular version also comes with first-time limited benefits such as a manual book and 3 original stickers. (* Limited quantity will end when sold out)

In addition, we are carrying out a release commemorative campaign from May 19th today. For details, see the official Twitter account of DAEWON MEDIA GAME LAB.https://twitter.com/DMGamelab)please look at. Detailed information on “Snow Bros. Special” can be found on the official website (http://daewonmedia-gamelab.co.kr/snow/jp.html).

DAEWON MEDIA GAME LAB is a new brand of Daewon Media that publishes indie and retro games around the world globally in collaboration with its partner Cometsoft. We aim to make games that can only be enjoyed on other platforms and games that could not be played due to lack of official release to people all over the world.
For more information, please visit http://daewonmedia-gamelab.co.kr/index_jp.html.

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CRT GAMES is a creative team that specializes in remakes of masterpiece games. CRT stands for Creative Remake Technos and is a homage to the 2D arcade games that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s. “Snow Bros. Special” is the first remake of CRT GAMES, and we plan to release many remakes in the future. For more information, please visit https://www.crtgames.co.kr.

TATSUJIN is a Japanese game development company founded by Masahiro Yuge, a developer and composer who has produced many blockbuster shooting games under the legendary shooting brand Toaplan. In addition to developing games in-house, TATSUJIN inherits the rights to all game titles developed by Toaplan and manages game franchise licenses. For more information, please visit https://tatsujin.tokyo/.

Clear River Games is a Swedish publisher based in Karlstad, adjacent to Klarälven, founded in 2020. Clear River Games belongs to the Embracer Group. For more information, please visit https://www.clearrivergames.com.

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