Snow Flying and KAKAO FRIRNDS launch a joint series of down jackets and “Peach” together with happiness – yqqlm

September 23,fly in the snowofficial announcementLi YitongAs a brand ambassador. As a high-quality local idol in China, Li Yitong brings new and youthful power to Snow Flying, and continues to inject full vitality and fashionable ideas into the brand.

At the same time, Xuezhongfei X KAKAO FRIENDS joint series down jacket was also officially launched in September. This series of down jackets brings new surprises to young people who follow fashion trends with FRIENDS KAKAO’s cute and positive image and sincere customization details.

Li Yitong’s sweet and cool debut gives the brand a fashionable energy

The purpose of KAKAO FRIENDS is to “add happiness to everyday life” With a highly recognizable IP image and a huge fan base, it is very popular among young people. With Snow Flying, it continues to enter the young people’s field, and is very consistent with the brand’s aim of “resonating on the same frequency” with young people.

For a long time, Li Yitong, as an active film and television flower on the screen, has accumulated a solid accumulation and bravely pursued dreams. From dancers to actors, she uses her performance to infect every audience. For Xue Zhongfei, which focuses on the young consumer market, its vitality, fashion, trends and brand “rejuvenation” development coincide. I believe that the two will collide with different sparks .

Embrace the joy, Yitong and you are happy out of the peach

When “involution” has become the inevitable norm, and “confusion and pressure” fills everyone’s life, how to re-establish the balance between life, work and study? “Escape” is the most sensible answer in this era of information overload. Use an escape to give your body and mind a holiday. Xuezhongfei X KAKAO FRIENDS series down joint jacket conforms to the pain points of young people, and adapts the vitality journey of “Yitong and you are happy” for those who are under great pressure. Here, “peach” is not a long-term escape, but a short-term relaxation, so that the spirit can be satisfied, and it is better to meet various opportunities in life and work, and find the meaning of life again.

Moequ’s creativity shows design ingenuity with fashionable texture

On the down jacket of the joint Feizhongxue X KAKAO FRIENDS series, the designer integrates the classic elements of KAKAO FRIENDS such as PeachFiv, JAY-G, MUZI and so on, which are well-known to young people, into the details. After a very ingenious creative design, it becomes more cute, cute and full of personality. Let down jackets become not only warm clothes, but also a carrier for young people to be happy.

Relying on the rich experience of Xuezhongfei brand in clothing design, Xuezhongfei X KAKAO FRIENDS joint series down jacket not only adopts 20D anti-down matting nylon, ingeniously selected duck down, professional anti-drilling technology, but there is also a variety of colors and styles to choose from Functional and stylish. Let the young trendsetters have more space to match for free.

“Yi Tong and you are happy with your peach” is not only a slogan, but also a way to break through the restrictions and release the repressed attitude towards life. The joint series of down jackets launched by Snow Flying and KAKAO FRIENDS this time leads the lifestyle of young people in the new era with detailed customization and fashion design. While making “cute” friends with young people who follow the trend of life, they also satisfy and elevate their spirit. Snow Flying is ready to be a happy soft landing spot for everyone, and follow the new KAKAO FRIENDS partners to create a “peach” and run towards a better new life together!


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