Snow Man leads Japanese-Thai artists to join JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022 on January 21-23.

Get ready to countdown to the biggest Japanese event in Asia. JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022 7th time Organized by G-U Creative Company Limited with official sponsors from Oishi Group Public Company Limited, PTT Public Company Limited, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd., EAST NFT, Mae Rich Co., Ltd. (Koh Kae), Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited, Shin-ei Service Co., Ltd., Mainichi Japanese Language School and many other public and private partners Held between Friday 21 – Sunday 23 January 2022 from 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., all 15 full zones at the Central World Shopping Center.

with purpose to promote economic progress and strengthening the friendship relationship between Thailand and Japan under the concept BE STRONG..BE UNITED The Japanese disciples can still have fun, shop, taste and enjoy the full story of Japan for 3 full days.


Snow Man Lead Japanese artists with a special show through the system. Hybrid splendid big screen

Japanese artists prepare to send Virtual to make Thai people smile. and get happiness Fun through the Hybrid system, a magnificent big screen or Live! Streaming delivered directly to your home. Because all Japanese artists still miss Thai people. Still thinking about the good relationship between Thailand and Japan through the JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022 event, led by the Snow Man band with members including HIKARU IWAMOTO, TATSUYA FUKAZAWA, RAUL, SHOTA WATANABE, KOJI MUKAI, RYOHEI ABE, REN MEGURO, RYOTA MIYADATE and DAISUKE SAKUMA with their 9th comeback and performance music video. With special artist greetings for Thai fans on Sunday, January 23 @ KAZE VIRTUAL STAGE (Indoor, Central Court) in collaboration with Johnny & Associated and G-Yu Creative.

In addition, there are more than 30 groups of artists who will entertain fans on the KAZE VIRTUAL STAGE (Indoor, Central Court), such as KEITA MACHIDA. Meet the greeting video from KEITA MACHIDA(町田啓太), the youngest actor. Hot from the famous Japanese series 「CHERRY MAGIC! 」From LDH DEEP SQUAD (ディープスクワッド) from LDH, BXW, also known as Black X White from Churros Entertainment, three of the five members are from the competition program PRODUCE 101 JAPAN NANALAND from Twintail, YOU KIKKAWA , UPUP GIRLS. (2)(アップアップガールズ(2))and UPUP GIRLS (KARI)(アップアップガールズ(仮))with Ryoma Quartet, Naomichi Hanazono, MILCS HONMONO, BANZAI JAPAN, PiXMiX, Kiiyama Shouten, Benjas!, Maneki Kecak, Himika Natsume and 0TU1, ZIPANG, WONFAS!, Kyushu Girls Wing , *ChocoLate Bomb!! , MeseMoa. , LEIWAN​ , BugLug , 2o Love to Sweet Bullet, PrincessGarden, BUGVEL. , SORGENTI , OrβIT , HICO , ReLIT and Cosmic!!

Thai idol army 300 Life together to create happiness without limits

Empowering Thai artists See a performance from Last Idol that will debut a new single. with special activities for fans with more than 40 idol groups & T-Pop, Thai artists such as Stamp, Laong Fong, who are well-known Thai songs in Japan. and leading idol artists in Thailand 4MIX KS-GANG, Skylize KS-GANG, NKO, BOY BAND TOP VOTE, Hunter Records , WISDOM , Siam☆Dream, HABITA ,The Glass Girls , TGG, Cheesy Pie, Sumomo, KAIBUTSU, Euphonie, Baifern-Chan, Khaimoog CNY, Koi no Kisetsu, WISDOM Sisters, POP UP, D-Code, BLACKDOLLS, Chypre, PSYCHE, HAPPYTAIL, Dearest, Jewel Girls, I-MI, Sora! Sora!, Aliszt, RELIVESEKAI. , MymMim x Fifa, SPIZE SCHOOL, STARLIGHT ACADEMY, iWish, ThaiYeah, Vivie-Jean-TooPleng-New Oum-Khaosan Music, FAHH-PELLE Music Factor, TRIPLE B ENTERTAINMENT (TungBeer AF / Arm Kpn ), 4Teen, ESTELLA, Scorpio Artist , AB Group, YOMA Entertainment, B2House, NEO G, Peach you, MAYDAY, Ahchoo, AFTER SCHOOL, iRiz, Pink Navy, Pure Pure, UTCC THE IDOL, Cheese, Naming and Gee Pussadee-Kumfaii-Pluszlepat-Plengthaii Record in attendance. Showing on stage with more than 300 people, it is considered to build Thai-Japanese friendship through songs. Ready to join the activities with the children Idols closely at the activity booths of each group for 3 full days

East NFT

JAPAN EXPO THAILAND2022 by G-YU Creative has launched a collaboration from EAST NFT, a digital asset distribution platform that will create a unique experience for the first time by bringing the trending Non-fungible Token (NFT) as a key gimmick. To purchase Early Bird NFT Tickets, participate in Meet & Greet activities with artists at the event.

In addition, the organizer and EAST NFT have also jointly selected (Curated) various interesting works from artists. Both Japanese idols and singers including Japanese cultural artists such as Shogo Kariyazaki, a well-known flower arranging artist. in Japan, including Naomichi Hanazono, a young actor who has the ability to dance and a Japanese cultural show and a group of Creators who will start to release their works in NFT format on the EAST NFT platform. Those interested can own NFT through

Meet VTuber guest from Aisha Channel, Polygon Project, Pixela Project and many more VTuber both in Thailand and abroad. Ready to shop for Premium Limited Merchandise products from VTuber kids that come in the cute Theme Cafe, only available at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022, including the E-Sport (e-Sports) zone, one of the businesses that generate money for Thailand which youngsters who have the ability to join in the fun of the E-Sport (e-Sports) competition in this event only

MUGEN Style Collection The biggest fashion show of the year

This year’s fashion show is still a grandiose work created with the concept of MUGEN Style Collection, a fashion brand name under the JAPAN EXPO THAILAND event, in collaboration with Kung Saruda Nimphithakpong famous fashion designers in Thailand along with 40 leading models, including Non – Kornphat Kerdphan, Bie The Ska, famous YouTuber, boys from the house of Star Hunter such as Bas – Suradet Piniwat, Copter – Panuwat Kerdthongtawee Tora-Tharanin Manosudprasit, Bank-Thanathip Srithongsuk, Pon-Thanaphon Iamkamchai, Bonus-Thanadech Deesisuk, 4MIX Along with Kwon Kaew – Kittiphat Kaewcharoen, Turbo – Chanokchon Bunmanawong, Kong – Sarun Bunmongkol, Four Wheel – Chayanon Bunmanawong, Navalim – Yatawee Limsiriphothong, Rung – Nithinat. Non Banthoonprapai, Liz – Alisa Ann Hines, Games – Olarik Tanoi,, Win-Theeramet Peeraborwornsuk, Auto-Pichaphop Khamhanak, Kim – Laksamon A- Nuttawajee Kitkobchai, Babe – Natcha Buranaburidet, Donut – Supawit Thongyuen, Garfield Chatchawan Jitchuen, Shogun Putthipong Chitbut, Carol – Warinya Mok , Champ – Emitap Hirun Apsorn, Jaja – Sawarin Yap, Danny – Bundit Distharit, Pure – Naphonpong Suksombat, Tod – Mr. Techit Panyanaporn, Ohm – Mr. Napat Utsaha, Jovi – Mr. Sasiriya Chaiwaiwit and DJ Matum After goodbye, the role came to walk the fashion show in this event as well!!!!


reward JAPAN EXPO  AWARD award ceremony JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022 For individuals in the entertainment industry that promote Thai-Japanese relations, namely JAPAN EXPO PRODUCER AWARD branch, the award for promoting Thai-Japanese relations. Through movies or dramas until they are known in Thai circles, such as Nophasit Thiengtham, JAPAN EXPO INFLUENCER AWARD branch. Award for famous people who like Japan, such as Thitiphan Raksasat (Oh Madam Funnie), JAPAN EXPO MUSIC RELATIONSHIP AWARD branch. Promoting Japan to be known in the field of bands such as Laong Fong Band (Orn, Eh, Man), JAPAN EXPO MALE IDOL AWARD branch. Male idol award, Japanese favorites, namely Bank-Thiti Mahayotharak, JAPAN EXPO FEMALE branch. IDOL AWARD Award for Japanese idol girls such as Chadathan Dankul (Manmook), branch JAPAN EXPO GROUP IDOL AWARD. Japanese idol group award: SBFIVE (Bas Kimmon Copter ), Branch JAPAN EXPO MALE SINGER AWARD Award for Japanese male singers, including Kan-Napat Inchai-uea, branch JAPAN EXPO FAMOUS THAI ASTIST IN JAPAN WARD award for Thai artists whose works in Japan include Stamp-Apiwat Eua Thawornsuk Branch JAPAN EXPO ACTOR AWARD Favorite Japanese Actor Award: Film-Thanapat Kawila, Branch JAPAN EXPO ACTRESS AWARD Favorite Japanese Actress Award: Mukda Narinrak

Taste Of Japan Traditional Japanese food taste

Japanese-style deliciousness that you should not miss!!! This event continues to collect authentic Japanese restaurants. Original taste with branches in Thailand Come to the shop for the participants to taste. have full shopping back home Osaka Osho Gyoza, Kagonoya Shabu Premium from Osaka, Tokyuichiba Japanese restaurant level, Ice cream from Hakodate. and Lawson A variety of Japanese products, including the Oishi Green Tea booth, are open for visitors to enjoy refreshing drinks for 3 full days.

Education Zone

Anyone who is planning to study in Japan, don’t miss out on the 45th Education Japan Exhibition that is still packed as usual!!! but adapted to form Hibrid (Hybrid) by teachers or representatives from various institutions will give advice through a computer screen There will be staff representatives from the institute to provide advice along with Japanese interpreters. It is supervised by Mainichi Academic Group, a comprehensive guidance center for studying in Japan.

Culture Zone

In terms of cultural performances, Japanese Culture Zone such as Yosakoi (Yosakoi) performances, archery demonstrations, wearing Japanese kimonos, the art of Japanese paper folding with roots that are more than a thousand years old by Mr. Ekasit Strict. (Pom, origami) In the event, there will be a MINI WORKSHOP where participants can fold paper into a kiss-kissed shape. Including the show and demonstration of AIKIDO, a martial art from Japan. Demonstrate how to play karuta and join a free trial of authentic karuta! at the event as well As for anyone who likes cosplay, you can’t miss it!! There will also be cosplay costumes at the event. Cosplay Parade and Cosplay Runway for cosplayers to fully release their stuff.

First time with the launch of the Y series.

G-U Creative collaborates with partners to create a series of Love Stage (Love Stage) It’s a story from a cartoon. by purchasing a license from a famous cartoonist in Japan It is one of the top ten of the Y series, directed by Mr. Oh Madam Funnie (Oh-Thitiphan Raksasat) starringBy Progressive Kittipat, Turbo Chanokchon, Film Jirayu, Tawan Nawinwit, Blink Tadol, Non Ratchachanon, Cheetah Chonphiphat and Ja Panichphon Which is broadcasting on the AmarinTV channel. There will be fun activities for FC to enjoy up close.

This year’s event will remain vigilant under strict measures to control the spread of COVID-19 as prescribed by the government. taking into account the number of people attending Social distancing determines the number of participants in each zone. And in some zones, participants will only be required to show two vaccine receipts. will be able to participate in the activities to ensure the safety of the participants

See you at the 7th JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022 event, which still maintains a full Japanese identity for 3 full days. The event will be held from Friday 21 – Sunday, January 23, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. at the shopping center. central world Follow news and movements of JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022 at and




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