Snow Peak President Risa Yamai Resigns Due to “Meeting with Married Man and Being Pregnant” – WWD JAPAN

Snow Peak announced on the 21st that President Risa Yamai will resign on the same day, and Chairman Futoshi Yamai will serve as president at the same time. Regarding the reason for her resignation, the company said that Risa Yamai “requested to resign from her position as a director of the company and its group companies due to her relationship with a married man and her pregnancy.” Taking the situation seriously, Futoshi Yamai offered to voluntarily return 20% of three months’ compensation, and Vice President Fumihiro Takai offered to voluntarily return 10% of three months’ compensation, which the company accepted.

Risa Yamai is the eldest daughter of Futoshi Yamai, the founder of the company, and became the third president in March 2020 at the age of 32. With the prosperity of the camp like a tailwind, his performance increased, and he appeared in various media as a young leader in the business world.

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